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Better Skin, Hair and Nails and…Sex? Happy Valentine’s Day!

Better Skin, Hair and Nails and…Sex? Happy Valentine’s Day!


Meg here! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so today I’ll be telling you about a natural product that boosts energy, makes nails and hair stronger, increases metabolism and IS GREAT FOR YOUR SEX LIFE!

True story, I was dating someone that was older (not that I don’t do that now. I like them better older, they can’t run as fast.) Anyhow, youthH2O approached him to do a “testimonial” for them. He said he that he would but first he had to try the product. I totally forgot about Maca being one of the main ingredients. I thought he was just going to use it and see about his skin and nails and the beauty angles. I forgot he was even taking the daily shots. About 2 weeks later, I couldn’t get him to stop touching me. It was like I was hanging around a 15 year old, not a senior. I of course thought it must be me. I thought it ws my new perfume or lipstick or that I had finally got my greys covered. Nope. It was exactly 2 weeks later, the same timeline youthH2o had for seeing a difference in your body. I guess they couldn’t write “See a difference in your sex life!” on the bottle. I think they should though, it is true and more people would buy it.

Why is it turning men all sexy like? What makes women more fertile? Why have my girfriends been sneaking Youthh2o into their husbands shakes? Maca. That’s why. Google it if you don’t believe me and you’ll be shocked by all of the medical journals telling you the same thing (but all medical like and not with a story about sneaking it in shakes.)

Here is are the, ahem, hard facts of the history of the miracle of Maca.

WHO: Maca Root is an herb that is now emerging from obscurity and near-extinction to take its place among the most valuable herbs known to mankind. It has many health benefits but it’s increasing sexual libido in both men and women.

WHAT: farmers in Peru noticed that when their animals grazed in areas where the Maca grew, they became much healthier, hardier, stronger, tended to copulate more, and had a much higher fertility rate. They decided to try Maca themselves both as a food and a medicine, and found that it made them much more energetic and stronger. It also made them much more sexually active and fertile.

Inca warriors knew maca could increase their stamina, and they ate the root before going into battle. Maca also increased their sexual health and virility. Legend has it that maca was kept from the warriors when they returned from battle to protect the women (They would rape the women.)

WHEN? Thousands of years ago, pre-Inca times, 8000 B.C. the power of Maca Root was discovered. It only recently has been rediscovered as one of the most powerful superfoods on the planet.

WHERE? Native to the Andean mountains of Peru. It has grown wild for thousands of years at altitudes of 11,000 to 15, 000 feet above sea level in extreme weather conditions such as freezing cold, snow, hail, intense sunlight and very strong winds, probably the worst weather in the world for growing anything. Despite these seemingly unfavorable weather conditions, the volcanic soil is rich in minerals and is free of chemicals, and the plant also benefits from the purest air, sunlight and rain in the world. Apparently, the tougher the environment, the more resilient the plant and the greater its medicinal value. Maca has the distinction and honor of being the highest growing food plant in the world.

WHY? With Valentine’s Day approaching, you may like to know that in MEN-Maca NATURALLY increases sperm count, shrinks enlarged prostates, increases libido, aids in sexual functioning, and reduces anxiety according to recent research findings. Maybe the best thing about maca is that it does not work like synthetic ED drugs that produce hormonal changes that may lead to unwanted side effects. Maca has been shown not to change testosterone levels. (Phytomedicine, August, 2007)
In WOMENSimilar studies show that females given Maca respond with increased regularity in cycles and easier ovulation. It also increases sexual libido and stamina.

I even went the whole nine yards and asked Manuel Villacorta (National expert on Superfoods and famous nutritionist if he has found this true. Here is what he told me- “As the author of two Peruvian superfoods books, Peruvian Power Foods and Whole Body Reboot: The Peruvian Superfoods Diet,  I have studied the health effects of maca extensively and have found solid consensus that maca is shown to increase libido in both men and women and has been regarded as a potent sexual stimulant for centuries, so it’s no surprise that today it’s known as nature’s Viagra.

 No maca supplement is created equal. And for that, I recommend youthH2O not only because it contains pure maca extract, but because it is a highly absorbable source of maca- optimizing the benefits of the root. I personally use it and I recommend youthH2O to my clients. And yes, their testimonials are resonating with maca research claims!”

You can buy a big bottle of this and add it into your daily shake or smoothy. I like the individual shot bottles so I know I’m getting the correct amount. Before, the taste was a little hard to take (all healthy stuff is, right?) They just came out with a new flavor “Blooming Apple” and it tastes as good as it is for you!
So if you’re looking to amp up the lovin’ give this a try for two weeks and be sure to report back to me. I swear to God, everytime I talk to the founder of this product-she’s pregnant again! SO BEWARE!!

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