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Happy Holidays from Rachael and her pup Pig, the official Christmas chihuahua. During the holiday season she manifests festivity!

I am a very fickle beauty product user. There’s no honor between me and my products. One will get ousted for another in a blink of my fake eyelashes! So here’s how I defined my search: Each product had to get marked “Using it now” and/or “Would buy it again”. So please take into consideration, that the top of my list are mostly things that I am using at the time this was written.

Sugar Tropic Tan Bronzer: even though I have shattered TWO of these gigantic compacts, I will still buy it again! This bronzer is the perfect shade of, well, BRONZE ! It has just enough shimmer to avoid that muddy look, but not so much shimmer that you look like you should be heading to a drag show.

Girlactic eye shadow in “Timeless”: Yes, I was angry when I dropped it on my rug and shattered this eye shadow. I’m starting to see a pattern here. But after searching (and I came sooooooo close with Wet N Wild’s Ultimate Expression Palate) I broke down and bought it again. I have never gotten do many compliments on my eye make-up as I do when I wear this shade on my baby browns.

Cat Cosmetic’s Eye Smolder: Never being a fan of cream eye shadow, I had a ton of these and gave them all away. One day, on my way to a casting, I was so late that I had to do my make-up in the car. My heart sank when I noticed I forgot my eye shadow! All I had was my Eye Smolder! I smudged it on and fell in love! It’s been a staple in my purse ever since. I love the black liner over the metallic brown shadow! I think I’ve bought 4 since!

Maybelline Superstay Gloss: gloss with the staying power of lipstick? Need I say more. Well, I will! Long wearing lip color that doesn’t dry out my lips or flake off? OK, now I’ve said enough. This stuff ROCKS!!

Lola Lipstick Cream in “Pout”: I was strictly a gloss girl and then Lola came along and pulled me back into the world of lipstick! This stuff stays on thru the entire day and into the night! The shade is a perfect nude with enough pigment to pop! And it has a little mirror on it, c’mon, can it get any better?

Sweetspots Lab Gentle Wash: It’s time for the “Too much information” segment of our program. But I guess Meg’s Makeup readers are used to that. My delicate nether region had always required Summers Eve to maintain the natural balance of things down there. Summer’s Eve…….the name just doesn’t embody the essence of sexiness. Then along comes Sweetspots! No one can even tell what this cute little bottle is in my shower! It smells and feels delish and there’s no harmful chemicals!

Smashbox Gloss in “Magnify”: This came out of a collection of glosses. It is the only gloss that earned the coveted space in my make-up bag. It looks FAB over Lola’s “pout” Cream Lipstick. And it has staying power.

Dove Energy Glow: For maintenance between spray tans, or to compliment my tanned summer skin, this gradual self tanner is tops! The color is natural and there are never any weird streaks or blotchiness. And it smells good too! Also, it comes off as gradually as it goes on.

Cat Cosmetics Open Sesameow: Usually if a brush set cost less then $300 it sucks. Period. But this brush set rocks the Kasbah! All the brushes are made of natural fibers. Each one is pertinent to any make-up fanatics kit AND They open up into a fanned out display that makes anyone I take then out in front of to ooo and ahhh! No more ruining my big brushes by throwing them into my make-up kit.

Awake Invention Hydro Managed Make-up Base Primer: It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas here on the east coast and that means my skin looks like shiiiiit! Between the highly ion charged air, the drastic temperature changes from inside to out, and the dry heat, I look like I’ve aged 5 years! So any extra moisturizing step I can add is golden right now. This stuff not only makes my skin moist and dewy, it also helps to keep my make-up on all day long! The little touch of shimmer definitely adds to the youthful glow I am forever chasing!

Ladies, let me know if we’re seeing eye to eye here!


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