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Spring is in the air. The tulips are in the air. The trees are budding. New boyfriends, crawfish parties, stargazing at the lake at night. Making out in the backseat…wait I NEVER do that last one, but I’ve seen it in movies! Unfortunately, I am so ready to pull out the white sandals and eyelet tops (as mentioned last week) but I’m not quite at my end-of-July tan level yet! There’s a lot of different bronzing products for you but I wanted to sort out the good, the bad, and the orange-ugly for you this week. So I’ve picked the best in three categories: Powder, body, self-tanner, and miscellaneous!

My favorite powder bronzers – I can’t really pick between them but I’ve used and loved them all at some point (and, to be truthful, I have probably several of them in rotation right now!)

1. Tarte Park Avenue Princess – great because its BRONZE not ORANGE or BROWN or RED. I think you all can understand the important distinction here.
2. Vincent Longo Golden Glow – half bronze-y, half gold. It’s such a pretty combination and completely warms up your complexion.
3. Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer in Brunette. It’s upscale Physician’s formula with a mosaic of different colors to highlight and contour with very minimal effort.

Body bronzers. You want the tan but not the commitment (or the cancer.) What a genius Idea.

1. Nars Body Glow – Check out previous reviews here on Megsmakeup. You’ll smell like Coconut! MMMMMM!
2. LORAC Tantalizer. Its a bronzy lotion that you can smooth over and get instantly 2 or 3 shades darker.

Self Tanners – Rather than spending 30+ dollars on a few sessions in the cancer bed, if you take that same 30 bucks and invest in a QUALITY self tanner like the following, you get the same results and less cancer!

1. Bliss Tan-for-all-Seasons – it comes out as an ugly plum-purple foam but the finish is a lovely real-looking medium-deep tan. Plus its foolproof – you have plenty of time to rub it in before it dries!
2. Clarins Self-Tanning Instant Gel – I love the gel consistency of this one because it really takes the guesswork out of even application. Great golden color too!
3. St. Tropez Tinted Self Tanning Lotion – you get dark immediately. Apply two days in a row after a shower you will look like you spent ten days in Cabo! I LOVE this one!

Miscellaneous – there’s a few products that fit in multiple categories or, well, none of the above. But far be it from me to leave them out!

1. Perfekt Body Perfection Gel – not really a self tanner but if you’re vein conscious or whatever its a great way to smooth out the appearance of unsightly thighs or calves.
2. TooFaced Tanning Bed in a Tube – This little baby was SOLD OUT everywhere last summer when it was released. It’s a body bronzer giving you instant color but there’s also self tanner in it so it soaks in and “turns on.” The coconut scent it a plus too!

What products are you loving to make you a bronze baby!


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