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Meg’s Make-up’s very own Fairy Godmother, Fergus from Besame, sent us tubes of their Delightful Rose Moisturizing Lotion, a balancing moisturizer with rose extract.

Today we have a review for rose moisturizer, and yesterday MM tester Ollieb gave birth to a daughter HANNAH ROSE ! Tester for 2025! Congratulations!!
(I know that was a stretch but I wanted to congratulate her and there is that slight Rose tie-in).

Besame hit the head on the nail spot on when they designed their packaging with all that post war glamour 30’s look. I think they hit the nail again with the scent of this. My great-Aunt Kay had black and white pictures of herself on the walls of her house. She had that whole hat and glove with a smart suit look going on. She was around and kicking back then. She was pretty feisty and lived to be 100. I was always a little afraid of her when I was a kid. She didn’t put up with any shenanigans.

When I squeezed this moisturizer out and put it on my face the scent of it brought me back to her powder room. She was all over the tea rose scent. She always has some roses in there and her candles and things always coordinated. It wasn’t an obnoxious, old lady smell but more of a refined elegance. If she knew about this stuff I can see it fitting in perfectly.

Even when she was 80 years old she never had a wrinkle. She stayed out of the sun and didn’t smoke or drink but I’m starting to think it was those tea roses. Maybe the roses are the secret.

Have we cracked the secret code? Here’s what Besame claims…“B├ęsame Delightful Rose Balance Moisturizing Lotion is specially formulated with natural botanical oils and rose extract to help promote and maintain soft, smooth, and youthful looking skin”.

Ladies please post if you found Besame’s Delightful Rose to offer the key ingredients for a beautiful complexion.

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Besame Delightful Balance Moisturizing Lotion with Rose Extract

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