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From our friends at– MANPINION: DO MEN LIKE MAKEUP?

beautiful peopleHas your boyfriend or husband ever told you he prefers you without makeup?  But the minute a really attractive woman comes in the room with a face painted full of makeup he starts rubbernecking.   Sigh!
Beauty Undercover decided to test out this makeup paradox with the help of a dating site called,  Recently the international website has come under fire for booting women off for gaining weight over the holidays.  This is a site where people are allowed in only if they’re deemed, “good-looking enough.”  

A few months back, with the help of Greg Hodge (the man who runs the dating site) we put five different pictures of women (at different times) on Beautiful People and close to 20,00o men voted on them.  Should they be allowed on the site? (We know it’s obnoxious.)

Here’s the catch…the men thought they were voting on five different women but it was actually two women made-up to look different in each picture.  (Greg was in on it but the voters weren’t.)  Thanks to the complementary art of photography and sophisticated styling of Elizabeth Stewart, (and make-up by Shannon Griffin) the men never knew they were voting on the same two women.  See how it turned out after the jump.


This is the same woman.  She got in on the left (as expected) and the right (with no makeup) but not the middle (as a blonde). 


This woman was quite popular with her hair down (she got in), but with it up she didn’t make the cut.  We aren’t exactly sure what men were thinking.  Tell us what you think?  We couldn’t figure out the method to the madness.

What do you ladies think? What do men like? No-makeup? Hair up? Hair down? Sexy? Natural? Bombshell or Girl Next Door?

Thanks to for sharing this article! Thanks for my Irish temper and bossy ways to tell a man what is hot!

What do you ladies think of the study?

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