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I am so happy to introduce the new Saturday’s at Sephora with Kate2004rock! Who better to let you know what’s going on over in that slice of heaven better then the lucky lady that works there! So be sure to ask any question, post any thought or just let her know, Yup, Kate you do rock! Here’s her dl on life at Sephora! xoxo Meg

rs of Luxury Beauty and Megsmakeup – and of course those bargains too! It’s me, kate2004rock, your resident Sephora resident.Yep, I practically live there. Sometimes against my will and against all financial advice (maybe I should buy gas. But you know, I get so much more mileage out of a lip/cheek stain anyways!) I’ll be coming to you live every Saturday with the latest scoop from Heaven in a Shopping Center: Sephora.

I was thinking just the other day, when Meg told me she had an idea. I had this mental image pass my mind of the cover of The Babysitters Club series’ first book: Kristy’s Big Idea. I was in the Babysitters Club club. Every month I received the next three books and an assortment of BSC goodies: notepads, pencils, some of which I randomly find sometimes when going through drawers. Except I picture the whole thing as Miss Meg Makeup and all her beauty-obsessed friends who decided to start a club and sit in Claudia’s room and eat her stash of junk food (liquor)and pay 50 cents per week in dues. Yep, Meg’s Idea was just like that and I am so super thrilled to be a part of it! To Sephora–

This week began the voting for the 2007 Best of Sephora awards. So make sure you stop on over to and vote for the Best in Beauty. That way in the fall when the store displays and the website become dedicated to the winners you can a) feel smug because you were using that product ages ago before it was popular or b) feel smug because you use the better product that didn’t win and KNOW that you are more beautiful than the next girl. Plus, when you vote you’re entered to win $1000 gift card and one of every single winning product! Hells yeah!

Also, Dallas, Chicago, and Portland residents may ignore this, because its old news and you’ve had it for a year. But everyone else get SO excited because BEAUTY INSIDER is HERE!!!!!!! It launches at the end beginning of June nationwide. Yep, Sephora has its very own card. Nope, calm down it’s NOT a credit card, you won’t have to hide the statements from your husband. But from now on, every dollar you spend gets you a point. And 100 points equals a free DELUXE size samples. And I do mean DELUXE size. Plus you have access to exclusive products. It keeps an inventory of your purchases you can check online – even what samples you’ve tried! Sephora even gives Beauty Insiders FREE birthday gifts. Really nice presents! Trust me! You can sign up online right now and they’ll be able to activate your card in the store in June!

Later Babe! But before I leave, please let me know what items you’ll be voting for!

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