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Hello ladies, Eleni here!

How many times have you heard that beauty comes from within? Was it usually coming from your mother’s mouth after you just complained to her about your acne/weight/bad luck with guys? The timing when that phrase comes up is always kind of fishy, right? I mean, if beauty really came from within, how come your mom never tells you so on the days you look your best? How come you’ve never heard “oh my gosh, you look fabulous today! It must really be coming from within!”? You know the answer. It’s because “beauty comes from within” is code for “don’t worry that you look like crap, maybe someone will be able to see beyond that”.

Here at we say that beauty comes from within bottles, jars, compacts and tubes. Recently – and even though we love remaining highly cynical when it comes to the “beauty comes from within” motto – we have come to realize that sometimes beauty acytually does come from within. And I’m not talking about seeing your ugly friends as pretty ones just because you love them. I’m talking about seeing your hair shine more after you start taking vitamin E, or noticing a difference on how much your skin shines when you put some lemon in the water you drink every day.

We’ve been experimenting a lot lately. We’ve been trying different kinds of vitamins, we’ve been giving the raw food diet a chance and we’ve been doing research on dietary supplements that promise to enhance the way you look – from within. Beauty companies focus more and more on what you choose to put inside your body in addition to what you choose to put on your skin. We’ve been so impressed by the results that we are considering including such reviews on but only if you want us to. You see, it has to come from within.

Are you ladies interested in finding out what the deal is with all these products that work inside out?
Is there any specific product you have already tried and was impressed with or that you’d like to try?
Let us know and we’ll make it happen for you!

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