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Jeanasina here! Ok people who ride the Meg express every day, today’s topic is the almighty bag!  I’m deferring from my usual chatter about specific products and we are going to talk about bags!   If somebody looks at you and happens to use the term “Bag” in addressing you, your automatic response is to say “Who you callin’ a bag?” and irritation comes into play immediately!  If you get up in the morning and look into the mirror and notice your eyes are hangin’ low, you might think to yourself, “I have some serious baggy-ass eyes going on today.”  When you go to a family event and your mom says, “You’re nothing but a bag of bones these days honey.”, again, this reference is not flattering!  If we wanted to amplify the word bag, we would now have the word …Baggage!!! Megtopia dwellers, I’m telling you, if you have a lot of baggage that you bring into a new relationship – your chances of succeeding in this relationship are dim.  Somehow the word ‘bag’ has gotten a bad rap.  Although James Brown definitely had a lot of fun when he sang the song “Papa’s got a brand new bag!”  This leads me to our topic today..

So here’s the thing, we women know the word BAG is also something to be desired!  All over the world women have been known to show admiration by saying  “I love your bag!”   We have purses that qualify as bags and we of course bring home our groceries in bags.  Myself, I have yet another special qualification for a bag and that is, my, just about as important as my purse, extra bag that I carry all the junk around in, that doesn’t merit being in my purse!

I know a lot of you will know what I’m talking about!  Every day I take my purse to work along with my ‘bag’.  In my special bag, I carry, my bus pass, my keys, my work identification badge, my book, my magazines, sunglasses, my reminders to myself about crap I should do that day, sometimes extra shoes, sometimes special papers that are too large to carry in my purse…the list is endless!  My extra BAG has to have vital criteria before it can even be considered as a proper and adequate bag to accompany me and my purse wherever we go!

My bag has to have large straps so I can carry it on my shoulder if I want to.  It has to have a small concealed zipper for my things that I want to stay secure and hidden, it has to have compartments large enough to carry my library books and most of all…it has got to be CUTE!!!  If it’s rainproof, that’s a bonus!   It definitely has to have a huge ass zipper on it so I can close the whole thing up completely so the photos of aliens wearing garter belts and spandex don’t fall out and embarass me if I happen to turn my ankle on a giant night-crawler that happens to be slithering across the sidewalk after a hard rain.  You know what I’m talking about!  We carry some private stuff in our ‘bags’ that’s only meant for our eyes.  Why we carry that shit around with us to begin with who knows – maybe we like flirting with danger!

I have to imagine a lot of you have your special bags too!  Maybe some of you are using the hot pink bag Meg sent to you as your extra a.k.a. secondary bag or maybe some of you got an adorable miniature shopping bag from a high end store and you use that for your daily extra bag so everybody knows you have made a purchase at least once in your life from that big name store!  That would be a ‘name dropper’ bag! Some people I see have gi-normous bags that could easily hold their purses, computers and make-up cases in them!   I work with a woman who every single day brings her version of the ‘extra’ bag in a rolling suitcase!  True!  She has so much stuff that a regular extra bag isn’t enough room!   Some people carry a backpack as well as their purse or put their purse in the backpack for total hands free chocolate eating etc.!  Backpacks do qualify as extra/secondary bags.

I do change my special bags from time to time and recently when T.J. Maxx had an overflowing abundance of adorable carry your extra shit around bags featured, I was sooo tempted to buy a new one!  I even put several of them on my shoulder to see how cute I looked in the full length mirror with the summery bags hanging on me, but managed to not make the purhase since my bag of the month was, after all, still in perfect condition.  Dang!

So all of you out there, tell us about your favorite ‘bag’ and why you love it, what you cart around in it and what it looks like!  I’d give you a link on where to buy a bag but it would completely fill up the entire megsmakeup website and she’d probably have to shut it down from complete overload because we know for a fact that there are probably more bags out there than there are people in the world!

So let us know! What bag do you carry and why?

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