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Meg here! Back to Cali and my Boston trip was great! I will post some pictures of my trip. I learned a very valuable lesson. Always bring a buffer! Megken traveled with me and it made a world of difference.

The really only frustrating part of my trip was I had pretty limited computer access so I’ll be playing a bit of catch up this week! There was another annoyance. Not so much frustrating as it is just a part of life as a lady. Yup, about 10 minutes before my nephew’s 3rd birthday party there were the start of some awful cramps and then everybody’s favorite “friend” flow showed up. No big deal. I was at my sister’s house. She’s 28 years old. I’ll just use one of her pads or tampons. I look under the sink. Nothing. I look in the closet. Nothing. So I call her.

Meg: Eileen, where are your tampons and things?

Eileen: Oh, I don’t have those anymore I’m on a new birth control and I never get my period. You should go on it.

End of the story. I found a tampon in my makeup case (Thanks Period Guardian Angel.)  Beginning of the story? “I never get my period anymore.”

I am a birth control disaster. The pill (I don’t care how mild it is) makes me absolutely batshit crazy. A complete and total loon. I am totally allergic to latex. Like, hospital trip emergency room reaction to latex so I tried Depo Provera. I had a girlfriend that swore Depo was the answer to my prayers. Only get your period 3x a year? A quick shot every few months? She had no side effects so I thought! “Let me at it!”

My ex said when we use to go out to eat he never knew why he would have me order dinner. He said he should have just ordered it to go. I would spend the entire dinner yapping to him and other people and sipping my cocktail and taking a few bites. Then the check would come, I’d get it in a doggie bag and eat it the next day.

About a month into my Depo I would eat the entire dinner when we would go out to eat. I would also eat my appetizer and every bit of my dessert.

Two months into my depo I would eat my appetizer, dinner dessert and then look at my ex and say “Are you going to eat all that?” As I longingly gazed at his meal.

I guess we knew something was really wrong with me when I would get up in the middle of the night to microwave Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza’s at 2am for a “snack.” I WAS STARVING!! The Depo was making me so hungry and I was putting on 2 pounds a WEEK!! I guess I maxed out around gaining 35 pounds. I couldn’t stop tht shot quick enough-except it seems to stay in your system forever! I swear it took forever to get it out of my body. I’m sure Depo is a great birth control. I mean who is going to want to have sex with a women that will eat you out of your house and home! Embarassed

I’m not sure what form of birth control my sister is on. She said it was new so maybe it isn’t my arch enemy Depo. If it is a shot or an implant that releases “estrogen” or any hormone I am completely wary of it. Remember the Norplant disasters in the 90’s? So I’m going to be 33 years old and I haven’t found a birth control. I’m not looking for children but maybe I should keep a at-home STD kit. Is that weird? Is it romantic? Yes, things are progressing nicely! Please swab here!

OK Ladies! Fess up! What should I be using-seriously-what do you swear by?

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