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lindamason1Meg here! Yup! I have completed my intensive make-up program with Linda Mason.

My first day walking into her studio in SOHO I was really nervous, I was lucky that I had a great group of classmates. Carrie, Jessica and Solange were new at doing professional makeup as well. It was a very supportive group and we all got a lot of one on one instruction from Linda. This is very important. It’s all in the details and you really need someone to be able to clearly point out what you need to be doing to your makeup job in front of you. It’s a “show” don’t “tell” approach and hands on is really the only way you’re going to learn this stuff. The intimate class size is also great. I looked at another school and there had to have been 15 to 20 girls in the room with the 1 instructor. You’re just not going to come away with the same knowledge in that type of situation.

Linda is a free-spirited artist, her bright red hair and sparkling blue eyes will encourage you the entire way. She loves color. I was always tied to doing grays and blacks. Now I can work purples and greens and teals and according to Spring’s fashion reports-right in time!

If any of you are thinking of going to school to become makeup artists here is in my honest opinion, who I think Linda Mason’s Art of Beauty class would be right for… I don’t think it’s an “age thing” as much as it is a maturity factor. My classmates all had other jobs while attending Linda’s class and a bit of artistic background. Solange is a photographer, Jessica is a painter and Carrie works in a beauty shop. If think we ranged in ages of 26-40. The other school I looked at, the age range looked to be about 20-23 so I was more comfortable in Linda’s class. I also like to be the immature one and was easily able to capture that roleKiss

The classes stated at 8am and we were usually out by 2pm. We had one or two pretty short breaks. The other school I looked at started at 8am and went to 5pm for 12 weeks. If there are 20 students in your class then I guess it makes sense that you’d need 3 months to learn everything. When you are in a much smaller environment and sorrounded by dedicated classmates and a superb teacher you don’t need more then a week long intensive to really get going.
Being taught by Linda Mason is a fabulous credential to have! She’s worked for every single supermodel and magazine around.  Naomi Campbell like to do her own makeup on shoots normally. Until she met Linda, then she and Kate Moss were always thrilled with the job she did. There were also one or two celebrities that also went wild for her. Just a couple names like Cameron Diaz, Uma Thurman Charlize Theron, Sarah Michelle Gellar,Courtney Cox, Kim Cattrall Iman, Christie Turlington, Demi Moore,Cindy Crawford, Famke Janssen, Claudia Schiffer, Aimee Mann, Debbie Harry, Joan Jett, Claire Danes, Sarah Ferguson,
Paloma Picasso, Belinda Carlylse, Isabelle Rossellini, Linda Evangelista,
Lauren Hutton, Billy Joel, Whitney Houston, Elizabeth Berkley, Brooke Shields, Camryn Manheim, LL Cool J, Rob Lowe, Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen,
Matthew Broderick, Paulina Porizkova, Molly Ringwald, Susan Sarandon,Kelly Lynch, Andie McDowel,l Kirk Douglas, Christy Brinkley,
Laura SanGiacomo, Chaka Kahn, Marsha Gay Harden, Cybil Sheppard,
Jeff Goldblum, Duran/Duran, Judd Nelson, Frederique, Shari Belefonte,
Iggy Pop, Sonia Braga,Jerry Hall, Terry Farrel, Bette Midler.

So, you know-no big deal. Wink

If Naomi didn’t beat Linda senseless with her cellphone after she saw the makeup job then you know the ladies great! Completely fearless and maybe a thrill seeker to attempt such a dangerous move. However she lived to tell about beating free so let’s just go with Great!

Another thing I really enjoyed about my classes was the location. I think it’s actually very important to be in a great area and Linda’s studio is nestled right on Grand street close to many adorable little bistro’s and coffee shops. The girl’s would tease me when they would see me get out of my daily cab. If you’re into public transportation there’s a subway stop right around the corner. Towards the end of class even I realized how ridiculous I was being and started taking it. I never thought about how a setting would impact the job I was doing or how “location, location, location” even applies to makeup application. I’ not even into such things but the whole place has a great “chi” or “energy” or whatever the Karma kids are saying these days.

I’m going to include a link to her books and dvd’s. I know it is going to be hard for a lot of you to get to NYC but she is really so talented and has so many tips I think a great start would be there. Who knows you might be so inspired there may be a great trip to NYC in your future? I completely recommend my fabulous experience. I am beyond thrilled with I’ve learned. I encourage any of you to go A+ all the way!

Over the next few days I’m going to be getting the results of the photo-shoot that I did so you can all see my progress! I saw a glimpse of them and I was really happy!

I suggest the book Makeup, the art of beauty 

It has all of the tips and the techniques to learn how to mimic Linda’s exceptional skill!

So tell me-Who taught you to make a gorgeous face and what tools or teachers do you love to learn from?


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