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Every week Chichi brings you the latest and greatest eco-friendly beauty products on Green Chi Tuesday! Thanks to the all natural and lovely Ellen from Aromafloria who sent a huge selection of their fabulously green products to test. This week we are talking about Aromafloria’s Sensory Fusion Home line which includes exceptionally fragranced candles, aroma beads and room & linen mists in an array of irresistible scents.

If you’re reading this site, you’re probably a fellow beauty product junkie. One of my other obsessions is home decorating shows. I can watch the home and garden channel all day. I fantasize about painting and remodeling my craftsman apartment but the most I do is rearrange all of my tchochkees on my fireplace and shelves. Painting seems so labor intensive and scary; I’ve never made the leap. However, I just received one of the best presents ever! My mom and two sisters,you all know my little sister Bunny, are flying out to California this March to give me my very own Bedroom Makeover! How awesome is that? Between the four us wielding paintbrushes and electric drills we should be able to create the bedroom of my dreams in a few days! I can hardly wait. In the meantime, I occupy myself pursuing catalogs and buying vases, bowls and candles. It’s amazing how a couple of well placed bowls and vases can give new life to any space. Plus, with a boy, a dog and a cat in the apartment, candles always keep things looking swell (can’t see pet fur in candlelight!) and smelling sweet. A few lit candles at dusk always helps to calm and relax me. I also think a great looking candle makes a statement all on it’s own. So you can imagine my joy when I saw the amazing array of home products we received for review from Aromafloria!

The ladies at that megsmakeup meeting had quite a difficult time trying to choose an item from the Sensory Fusion Home line. Everything was simply and elegantly packaged and bursting with enchanting smells. Aromafloria’s goal with this line for their customers is to “enhance your everyday life with aroma beads, candles and mists infused with florals from classic French Parfumeries”. Mission achieved! I think a fresh smelling (but never overly perfumed) apartment has made me feel warm, cozy and calm when I’m at home.

I chose a Pomegranate Aromatic Soy Candle which is nestled in a beautiful glass jar etched with frosted white stripes. The bright and tart scented candle filled my room but was never over-powering or headache inducing. The candle burned bright night after night and I never had any scorching black marks on the glass jar. The secret to this clean burning candle may be that each one is an “exceptional hand-poured soy candle made from 100% eco-friendly soy wax infused with exotic aromatic fruits and spices”.

Other choices from the Sensory Home Line include brightly colored, jewel-like Aroma Beads, which add color and visual beauty to any room. “Simply place into your favorite dish and swirl beads with your finger to release aromas, or fill a sachet to freshen the air in closed environments such as closets, automobiles and luggage. The final item in the Sensory Home Line line are the Room and Linen Mists. The mists come in the same appetizing scents as the candles and aroma beads (choices include Green Tea, Pomegranate, Lemongrass and Honey Papaya.) This light but effective spray can make a whole room fresh with just a spritz. You can use the mist on your linens in between wash day. You could also use this on your sofa or other furniture when it needs a little freshening up.

While I’m grateful to Aromafloria for keeping my home fresh-smelling and chic looking while I wait for my room makeover, I am most appreciative of their truly Green outlook. Sure, eco-friendly products are all the rage lately, but Aromafloria is one of the pioneers of the “beauty with a conscious” companies. Founded in 1985 by Sharon Christie, the core goal of Aromafloria is “to help our consumers obtain balance of body, mind and spirit, while preserving the Earth and her resources.” As a chemist, pharmacist, aromatherapist, herbalist (and yes, treehugger!), Sharon brings her 360-degree perspective, her talent, and her deep commitment to well-being to all of Aromafloria’s products and business practices. This commitment to eco-friendly practices shows in each and every all natural, 100% preservative free product from Aromafloria. Additionally, you can be rest assured that these products are never tested on animals and will come wrapped in environmentally sound packaging. Most impressive, Aromafloria is a Green-E Certified, 100% Wind Powered Company! Talk about being true to your beliefs!

I believe, I need to go re-arrange my Aromafloria candles and Bead Bowls for a new look to my room. Ladies, please let us know which item and scent you received from the Home Sensory Line during your review! How has Aromafloria helped to refreshen and update your home?

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