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Welcome to another Green Chi Tuesday with Chichi! This week, I am excited to share the ARCONA skin care line with all of you. This luxurious, lush and natural line was a new discovery for me. Thanks to the wonderful Mary at ARCONA for sharing their remarkable products with the ladies at

I’m a bit of a music geek – in college I was probably a bit of a music snob. You know the type; always into bands you’ve never heard of, queuing up for the record store on Tuesdays (when new releases hit the shelves), knows the history and line-up of any group you mention and gets angry when the indie bands they love start getting played at frat parties. Actually, I didn’t possess that last characteristic. I’ve always been excited to share my new favorite song or band with everyone I know. I’m happy to see a band I appreciate start getting some play and making some money. It sucks that Radiohead will never again be playing up the street from my apartment at a club (opening for the Goo Goo Dolls!) Today, trying to score tickets for Radiohead in Los Angeles is impossible unless you’re willing to pay a lot of money or “you know somebody.” But as long as they are still making great music, who am I to bemoan their success?

I rather feel the same way about the fabulous ARCONA line. It’s definitely a bit of an “indie darling” brand and I want to share them with all of my friends before their popularity explodes! This Los Angeles based company was founded in 1989 by a remarkable woman named Arcona, a chemist and pioneer in holistic skin care long before it became trendy. She developed skin care products and treatments that would provide Hollywood celebrities—and women and men everywhere—with an alternative to cosmetic surgery and other harsh treatments to forestall the effects of aging. Today, the ARCONA brand is known and respected for its high quality, luxury formulations and their unparalleled ability to make a positive change to the skin.

So, what makes ARCONA products so new and different? The key to ARCONA’s effectiveness is its active ingredients and the way they are combined and processed. The active ingredients are cold-processed at very low temperatures, in small batches, to keep them active and effective. Because cold processing is labor and time intensive, most skin care products, even the expensive ones that may begin with quality ingredients, are heat processed, which ultimately leaves nutrients lifeless and ineffective. Think of what happens to fresh vegetables when they are overcooked! Well, I don’t know too much about cold processing vs. heat, but I can relate to overcooking my fresh vegetables. I always try heating them for a very short time to keep as much crunch and nutrients as possible. So, it makes sense that cold processing your beauty products would keep the active ingredients “alive” and more effective on your skin.

ARCONA also receives top marks for the high quality ingredients they use which includes high concentrations of antioxidants, plant lipids and extracts, sea vegetables, essential oils, vitamins and minerals. ARCONA products do not contain petrochemicals, binders or fillers, chemical stabilizers, parabens, sodium lauryl sulphates, perfumes, dyes, or any other caustic, toxic ingredients. One note, due to the freshness of these products, ARCONA suggests you use said product with in six months of opening. Trust me, this won’t be a problem with the Berry Fruit Bar Face Cleanser I received! (Details to follow in the reviews.)

Like any new big thing, style is important! ARCONA’s packaging is simple and chic. The bottles and jars are comprised of recyclable clear and opaque containers with silver accents. I happily left my soap container on my bathroom vanity where it looks luxe and elegant. My fellow beauty product obsessed friends have all noticed and commented on it. So that’s when I share my indie, beauty maven tip “Check out ARCONA, I think they’re “the next big thing”

Testers, please let us know which ARCONA product you received! We want to know if this brand is going to the top of your beauty charts!

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