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I’ve never been one of “those girls” that swoon for roses. I was a cynical pain in the ass to roomies that would show me the bouquet that their boyfriends sent them “Yuck, they’re just going to stink and die. Tell him jewelry doesn’t. Diamonds don’t even require water”.

I have never been at one with the outdoors, I never was knocked off my feet by a bouquet, I assosciate flowers with pollen and pollen with allergies. Beauty should not require a clariton.

As I often am, I was wrong. You see, I hadn’t yet found “my flower” the flower that does indeed take our breathe away. The rose is so common, so everywhere. The gerbera daisy is nice, just nice. Tulips seem to wilt as you look at them. The flower that always stops me in my tracks is the Pillow Talk Peony. I was first introduced to this flower in 2000 and it never ceases to make me smile.So many weddings that I consulted for I insisted for “Pillow Talk Peonies EVERYWHERE!”. They had the money, I was just the consultant. When the Pillow Talk Peonies arrived every bride-to-be was reduced to tears. When it was my turn to be married -Peonies were not in season and Pillow Talks being flown in was not in my budget. I almost rescheduled the nuptuals.

My friends know how strongly I love the Peony. I think it cracks them up a bit how obsessed I am with this flower. Krista sent me the most beautiful Smith & Hawken gift of 3 Peony bulbs to grow in my yard. You can bet with the awful heat I was out there with my Miracle Grow and hose begging for them to hold on!

It’s funny how something calls your name so strongly and you can’t explain why. I don’t know why I want to be sorrounded by this flower. I just know it makes me happy. I had a very hard time growing those Peonies and I felt quite depressed. As if by ESP, Krista sent me the most gorgeous PEONY CANDLE BY ARCHIPELAGO.

It smells fabulous, the package is modern and gorgeous-the candle is huge! It burns for 90 HOURS and is made of soy! The smell is of my revered Peony with a slight mix of Cassis. It’s delicious!

Here’s what Archipelago says about their Peony Candle…Archipelago Botanicals Peony Candle is scented with a blend of Peony and Cassis. Each Archipelago soy candle from the Home Collection is designed with a fragrance to enhance your mood and will burn for more than 90 hours. Approximate burn time: 90 hours. Net weight: 14 oz. Contains more than 50% natural soy wax. Candle comes in a beautiful gift box.

Ladies let me know what flower makes you stop and smell it, what candle captures its essence? This is a super lush holiday gift!

Archipelago Peony Candle- Buy it Here!

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