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Meg here! This ad for Apoliva Cosmetics is freaking Sweden out! There’s even a facebook page dedicated to I AM SCARED OF THE GIRL IN THE APOLIVA AD! It has 100,000 members!

From formerly being in the fashion world and living in LA, I can tell you that beautiful on camera doesn’t always translate to beautiful in real life. A few years ago I was walking my dog in Runyan Canyon. A weird looking bird was also walking her dog very close to me. She had big eyes and a strange shaped face and was the size of a 2×4. She was just so strange looking it took me a second to realize it was Angelina Jolie. Not that she’s not stunning, it just throws you off when you see this stuff on the day-to-day.

The supermodel in this ads name is Adina Folhin you can bet she’s loving all of this press! They say she is scaring the socks off of Sweden with her “haunting” and “ghostly” ways!

I personally don’t really get what the ad even has to do with cosmetics but one thing is for sure! Apoliva has succeeded in getting everyone talking about them! Boo!

What do you think? Hauntingly beautiful or just plain creepy?

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