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AnastasiaBrowGelHey Ladies, MissRo here! I am obsessed with my eyebrows. When I was younger and started modeling, I thought I had the thickest, bushiest eyebrows. I couldn’t stand them. I would look at my pictures and cringe. One day when I was getting my makeup done for a shoot, I was talking with the makeup artist. I asked her about my eyebrows and if she wouldn’t mind shaping them a bit. While she was shaping them, she showed me what to do.

Well, since then I have plucked, waxed, and threaded. You name it, I’ve done it. I can’t go longer than two days without plucking my brows. If I see a hair, I have to pluck it. So of course I now have pretty thin brows, but I like them like that. Although, anytime I have to leave the house, I have to fill in my brows. Eventually, I would like to do permanent makeup so I just do not want to worry about putting makeup on them every time.

One product I cannot live without for controlling my brows and prepping them for makeup is Anastasia’s Brow Gel. It’s amazing! It’s the perfect consistency and the brush is the perfect size and texture. There’s never any clumping, the second you put it on it dries, and when you are applying makeup it doesn’t flake off.

You can purchase Anastasia’s line at Sephora or directly from her site.

Do you use a brow gel? Do you pluck, wax, or thread your brows?

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