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Nonita from Alexandra De Markoff sent out Meg’s Makeup some of their eye primer to test and it was a total win! Now they have “FRESH EYE CREAM PLUS”! to test.

I have to say I am the sexiest granny look around! I love boucle. I love it low-cut and with sparkles! Chanel and St John? Yes and yes! My 2 favorite top day brands! I have 5 of their respective jackets at the tailor as I type this. I want the tweed, the houndstooth, the motherly, expensive, fine knit. I just want it tailored to show off my body. You only live once and I believe to tastefully flaunt what I have while I can!

The sexiest look to me is Herve Leger at night. Yum and yum. Every woman deserves to feel so sexy in Herve Leger! Once you experience the form fitting bandage dress or tight fitting knit you will be hooked! It’s amazing the way he hides every flaw and is able to make you a bombshell!

Old school is best. A vintage Leger will do you far better then a current BCBG. The dress that put Cindy Crawford on the map? The Leger she wore to the Oscar’s with Gere.

I have a couple Leger’s and when I wear them out I can hear the whiplash of stares I get around me. Get yourself one. Go to Ebay. You need atleast one hot Leger.

Old school vintage sometimes blows nouveau off the map. The current day Yves Saint Laurent ‘Touch Eclat’ is the modern day riff off of the 1920’s brand Alexandra de Markoff Fresh Eye Cream. The gold-toned pencil, the purpose to bring elegant smoothness. Like an Herve bandage dress it sucks in any flaw and presents a sexy you. Here’s what Alexandra de Markoff says about their Fresh Eye Cream Plus..“The Fresh Eye Cream Plus is a tinted moisturizer with advanced filling spheres that penetrate and plump the skin’s surface to restore elasticity. Grantox minimizes muscle contraction and softens imperfections, preventing lines and wrinkles. Vitamin E moisturizes, while Vitamin A encourages cell turnover and skin renewal. Natural Yarrow balances and tones, revealing younger, fresher skin.”

Ladies, please post if Alexandra de Markoff has you skipping the Yves counter for a more vintage feel?

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