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It’s always a sort of “turning point” in a woman’s life when she reaches a makeup milestone. Who doesn’t remember ditching our Hello Kitty Lip Gloss for your first Revlon grown up lipstick, realizing that the line of foundation on your chin is a completely different color than the skin on your neck, finding out that a suntan really ISN’T the miracle cure for acne that your friends tell you it is, realizing that yes, you DO need a daily moisturizer with SPF (just like your mom said you would) and that sleeping with our makeup on no longer makes us look like a rocker goddess but leaves us looking more like Amy Winehouse after a bender!

I just recently passed a very traumatizing makeup milestone of my own…waking up to the fact that at my age and with my thin lips, full coverage heavy lipsticks make me look older and reduce my already thin lips to virtual nonexistence. It’s time to put away the heavy mattes and start experimenting with sheer tints and glosses.

I have always marveled at women who can effortlessly swipe on Mac’s Lip Glass creating a highly polished and perfect pout (a’la one of my best friends, Jennifer…think Angelina lips without the superior attitude). For me, this is an experiment in not only learning to use a different medium, but in recognizing and accepting my physical changes and limitations. I’ve fought my skinny lips for years (see my profile and embarrassing “most horrifying makeup moment” story for further proof) and so to embrace sheer tints and glosses I have got to set aside these insecurities and just go for it. The results…discovery of a fun little line of affordable and eco-friendly balms, tints and glosses from Alba Botanica. Vegan, free of artificial colors, petrolatum, mineral oil, phthalates or parabens…and some up to 70% certified organic!

It’s really hard to pick a favorite here…Passion Fruit Nectar, Coconut Crème, Pineapple Quench all available in a balm or clear gloss and a variety of colors in sheer tint balms and luscious lip glosses. Each is wonderfully scented (though not particularly tasty so you won’t be tempted to lick your lips) and very emollient. They fully moisturize my lips without being sticky or waxy and last through eating and drinking quite well. The sheer glosses give me just enough color to distinguish my lips from the rest of my face but not so much to draw attention to the fact that they resemble a catfish’s pucker! My daughter took a swipe of the Passion Fruit gloss this weekend and loved it as well so it passes the gorgeous 16 year old with perfect lips demographic too (yes…another full lipped beauty that makes me look like I’ve swallowed my own mouth…and she’s a full 4 inches taller than me to boot!).

’m a firm believer that a girl CANNOT have too many lip balms and glosses, therefore these cute little tubes will be joining my mint flavored Carmex in my purse, night stand, vanity, glove box, ofice desk, train case, overnight bag, the little junk thingy in the hall that houses god knows what…you get the picture! I cannot, and will not EVER be more than a few steps away from moisturized lips and the variety of the Alba line will help me stay freshly applied anywhere. These little treasures can be found at any drugstore so there’s always a place to pick one up if you find yourself sans lip balm. THE HORROR!

Love Alba Botanica balms and glosses or have a favorite of your own? Let us know what pucker protector you can’t live without! Glam on megsmakup gals!

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