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Meg here! Well I Have to share with you all. I have to tell you a story that you would not believe happened-but I have the photo’s!

First thing you have to know is I’m pretty obsessed with my lawyer. Like borderline unhealthy. I just feel really O.K. in his presence. He’s like a human Zen garden to me or something. He once said something to me that went something like “You be you and I’ll take care of the other stuff”. Me being be is tough sometimes so to hear that was more then a sigh of relief. Mobfan has a heart of gold and I would trust him with my life.

Megken knows how I feel about my Mobfan and while I did not know, Megken called Todd to express his worry for me over the death of my friend Martin. I was quite distraught and couldn’t really be reasoned with. Megken told me that Todd had invited us to temple that night. We would pray for Martin so I should get up and do my makeup and put on a dress and go. It was fully backed by Todd so there was no reason for me to not get out there and participate in life again.

Once at the Temple I met a woman that claimed she was Mobfan’s mother Lois. I was distraught with grief yet sober. She told me she loved makeup and was SEVENTY YEARS OLD!

What? I know Todd is over 40, so if his mother was 30 when she had him then..Yeah, O.K. she’d be 70 yrs. old! This is L.A. Maybe I was working it out wrong in my head? Maybe she wasn’t Todd’s real Mom but a 16 year-old that married his 40 year old dad or something. Maybe she was really just turning 50. Maybe she just looked AMAZING for just turning 50!

Grief is powerful and sad, however it doesn’t make you hard of hearing. Lois IS Seventy years old! What the Hell was going on?

The outfit was amazing, her accessories spot on, her hair shines with the glean of a twenty-year old. I was not quite sure if she drank baby blood because her skin and makeup was flawless.

I had to know more! I felt like I was going into the Vatican to find The DaVinci Secret. Would she share? Would she help us mere mortals? Um, look at her picture. We have to know!! It’s her duty

Here’s a hint she does this 2x a week instead of shots or fillers …Beauty Magnets! Lois swears by these, she says it’s the ultimate to get the blood flowing and the oxygen going and the circulation kick in gear. it might also help that Lois is cool, she’s fun, super energetic and kind. She made me feel comfortable and was compassionate and loving to me.

So meet my friend Lois, she’s Amazing

Argh, don’t hate her because she’s beautiful-she’s willing to share! Love Lois Luscious!

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