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Goddess Granny here! It’s June and that means 2012 is half over which terrifies me because it feels like you just get one new look under control and it’s already time to begin the next reinvention! There is something to be said for a “classic look” but I’m having trouble defining what that means: do I stick with red lips and black cats eye liner forever, do I just update products because the tech is giving us options, or do I just deal with the mood/look of the moment in my mind and run with it? 
I have tried but cannot embrace “nail art” although I love it on others and will wear outrageous shades on my toes! I have tried lash-extensions only to have swollen eyes from adhesive and the cost of upkeep is crazy and I have decided that “ombre” in any form is best left to those whose weren’t around when tie dye had it’s heyday! So I’m trying to wade through the ever-increasing options when it comes to “what works” and again, attempt to have what works, quality, and if I’m feeling vain, nice packaging as a bonus! 
The name and brand Yves Sant Laurent (1936-2008) is synonymous with class any way you slice it! From some of the most breathtaking and memorable fashion designs of all times to the iconic fragrance “Opium” with ads that shocked and seduced, I believe almost everyone has heard of the legend! “With her innate elegance, the YSL woman adapts to every moment in her life and this is what makes her so desirable!” Swoon…who would NOT want to be that woman? I cannot possibly define or use words ANY better to describe my personal relationship with makeup than Monsieur himself has and it’s pure genius:
The inimitable “Touch Eclat” has been on the top of “the best” product lists forever because it’s really the best and I believe that a NEW star will earn rave reviews in 2012 and beyond,” Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres Glossy Stain!” Whew…now that’s a name but I’ll refer to it as YSL Glossy lip stain and it will be fine for our purposes.It’s an entirely NEW product, formula, and finish and there is nothing else like it (yet…you know they will try) on the market! This is a hybrid gloss/stain that comes in a vast array of shades so there’s sure to be one you love…every cosmetic YSL creates is housed in luxurious-packaging that makes me feel so French and fancy when I use it and this comes in a gorgeous, hefty container with a clear window so if you have more than one, you can see the actual product inside.The applicator is unique,not a typical “does foot” but a plush and perfect one obviously created just to apply this product.And what a sensual application it is: start in the middle and swipe out to the corners top and bottom without doing the dreaded “lip smack” because you want this to set and it will in seconds! It goes on cool and wet and silky and creamy like the best kiss ever and colors your lips in a FRESH new way with a finish that is full-coverage- glossy and polished with gorgeous color but it is a stain as well so the results last without becoming dry or with those weird-lines because it fades unevenly! 
It is pure perfection for those of us who rely on our lips to anchor our “look” and I have literally not had it on since I bought the first one a couple of weeks ago and many have noticed!
My original shade was #9 “Rouge Laque” and it’s the PERFECT juicy Summer shade but I was so enamored with this product, I ordered up three more in various shades of red and WANT every single shade! It’s a guiltless and sensual experience to apply this product and the way it lights up my face even if I’m only wearing a bit of coverup and mascara is epic! Absolutely worth every penny, there is a generous amount of product in the container and I only re-apply after a meal or with a fresh face because it stays pretty for so long! 
You can find it at Sephora but I’m glad I took the time to visit the YSL site: it’s so elegant and informative and I feel very chi-chi just reading it!
I’d suggest checking out some swatches because the colors can vary but every review I have seen RAVES about this Glossy Lip Stain and I’m on the bandwagon with this one! I cannot wait to add some lighter shades and am hoping they will add even more darker ones because that “look” for Fall 2012 isn’t going anywhere and it’s a delight to know that at least I already have my perfect lips ready to evolve into Fall! 
Buy it here as well and if you add only ONE glam-luxury item this year, let it be this one! : 
YSL “Gloppy Lip Stain” is my “flawless” for lips: do you have one item that is your idea of perfection?
Anyone else obsessed with this beauty!!
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