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Xstatic817 here, and I’m afraid this review will have to be my swan song – at least for the time being. Sadly, I’ve been overcome with work pressures, school pressures, home-buying pressures, crappy-economy pressures, and, well, I think you get the drift. I’ll try to check in every now and again when I unearth a new treasured find. I hope to be back in the spring with my masters degree, a house, and considerably more free time.

But on to the makeup!

So I have been dying for a black gloss every since I realized that this would be fall’s next-big-thing. Maybe its my obsession with Halloween (I’m going as Alice this year, of Wonderland descent), or perhaps some deep-seated regret for never going all-out with the goth look when I had the chance. In any case, I needed me some black gloss.

I missed out on this gloss when it was first offered as a limited edition at the end of August, but lo and behold, it made a second appearance on YSL’s website a few weeks back and as far as I can tell, its still in stock, still limited edition. It’s the first release of a new gloss formulation for Yves Saint Laurent that will launch in Spring 2009 and promise to be “full of pure color and high shine.”

But what does one do with black lip gloss?

Well, when worn alone, it definitely has a high-fashion, NSFW-or-really-anywhere vibe to it. And yet its awesome. There’s something about wearing black gloss that makes you feel instantly cooler, hipper even if your husband requests you remove it “this instant” the same way your mother did when your 12-year-old self pranced downstairs with lipstick on for the first day of 6th grade. Ok, so it can’t really be worn alone unless you’ve got major cajones.

So today I took the advice of makeup artists everywhere and decided to blend, blend, BLEND. I first applied a very light coat to my bottom lip and then put Bobbi Brown’s Black Mauve lip gloss on my top lip and smushed around. Alone, black mauve has its own quietly goth thing going on – a little bit purple, a little bit gray and disturbingly pretty on. The YSL gloss added more depth – obviously – and added more of a brown tone. I definitely think this would make a nice winter lip color. Then I tried another thin coat atop MAC Desire lipstick, which is a dark plum to begin with. This made a divine berry-eggplant color that I think fits perfectly with the dark fall lip trend we’re seeing. I even wore this out to the grocery store. I’m sure there are numerous color combinations out there and if you’re adventurous and like to experiment, you’ll have a lot of fun with this lip gloss.

The gloss itself has good lasting power, is not overly sticky, and has that tropical fruit smell of all YSL lip products. On the lips, it felt very much like YSL’s Golden Gloss – minus the bit of grit.

Here are the gory details from the YSL website: “A cosmetic jewel that turns lips into a spectacular fashion statement. Mysterious, sensual, luminous… For fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, black is THE color. And as a make-up artist, lips are THE focus. YSL GLOSS PUR Black unites these two facets of his art in a superb Limited Edition. From plum to ebony, it dresses lips in an infinite range of shades, depending on how it is applied – feather light or rich and bold. Transparent yet intense, it plays on the depths of black and the pure shine of a sparkle-free formula.”

Has anyone else tried this product? Or maybe you too have bought an outrageous, completely frivolous beauty item that you knew you’d hardly use ?

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