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Sweetassgal here! I have a growing collection that is beginning to rival my shoe addiction.  Lip balms.  I have to have constant and complete access to lip balm at every time of the day.  I can’t even go to sleep without it on my lips.  I keep them stashed absolutely everywhere and even when I know I’ve got 20 at home I’ll still buy another one if I find a new flavor.  My biggest weakness has been Carmex.  Or to be specific Mint Carmex.  The scent, the hydration, the tingle…I’m addicted.  However, ever since I found out my beloved Carmex rates a 7 out of 10 on the Cosmetics Database  toxicity scale I’ve been in a mad dash to find an equivalent that gives me that same addicting tingle I crave. 

Seriously, I thought I would cry when I read the news.  How on earth can I live without it!?!  I ran everything I use by the website and many other things I loved died the same ill fate.  Natural and organic is definitely the way!
So two months, dozens of internet searches, and about 15 tubes later here’s the best I’ve been able to come up with.
Strong runner up…Better Botanicals Ayurvedic Lip Balm – I received this particular balm in Passion Fruit flavor from my last Meg’s goody bag.  It’s super moisturizing, has natural botanicals, the scent/flavor is fruity without being sickly sweet and the entire line was given the 2008 Natural Solutions Magazine Award for best lip balm.  “Made with Kokum Butter, a nourishing, edible emollient used in India as a vegan alternative to ghee this is rich in essential fatty acids (EFA’s), it helps heal chapped, cracked skin, and restores softness and suppleness. Each unique flavor utilizes key herbs from the Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia.”

 I was so impressed that I ordered the Rose Mint and Cardamom to compare to my Carmex.  The mint is tingly and not heavily rose but I was REALLY taken by the Cardamom.  It’s a scent that might not be for everyone but I found it intoxicating and made my lips tingle like a teenager on a first date!  It’s $5 a tube and available at Whole Foods and online at Better Botanicals.

And the crown goes toEco Lips Beta Balm in Medicinal SPF 15!  This baby has it all.  Certified organic, vegan, that tingle that my lips long for, built in natural medicinal properties (for those who suffer from cold sores) SPF 15 and available with a clip to purchase for lip care on the go!  These folks know lips.  They have TONS of different flavors and combos.  All are petroleum free, there are tons of vegan and bee free options and they even have some with color sheen.  You can buy the balms alone or purchase a reusable carabiner clip, leash, lanyard or car key holder that keeps your lip balm always in reach.  They have a super sport edition that goes up to SPF 30 for you outdoor enthusiasts.  I have heard they have them at Whole Foods.  The balm alone is $5 and over $15 spent gets fast and free shipping.  For those of you with little kids I highly suggest buying one with the clip to keep on your strollers.  We forget little ones need SPF coverage too and this way you’ll ALWAYS have one on hand to protect their delicate little lips.  They have an SPF 15 in berry the kids would love!

Any other Carmex addict’s that have found a less toxic solution?  Let me know…I’m always willing to try something new.  GLAM ON!!!

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