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Stacy B here! Happy Valentine’s Day! What a weird, poloarized and kind of pointless holiday. I get the ‘you should tell your loved one you love them everyday, not just today’ argument, but I also get the ‘it’s such a nice reminder to do something special in a world that’s totally busy and overwhelming” argument.

Yes, you SHOULD appreciate your loved ones everyday, but life is hectic and DOES get in the way. So yeah, this day is a good reminder for us all to slow down for a bit, hug your special someone, call your mother, support a local business by buying overpriced flowers or chocolates and enjoy it. Single or paired, there are people in your life you should show love for, and today’s a great day to do it.

Thankfully, it’s only one day. Red is not my color. I am wearing a nice red sweater with an adorable white button down shirt with black polka dots underneath it but I feel pale and washed out. Red just really gets me! No bold, sexy, red lips for me today! Or ever!

I hear over and over that “anyone can wear a red lip” but I just can’t. I look terrible. No matter what shade I try, my skin looks pale and yellow against it. And they always start to look orange on me after a while. Once, I found a burgundy shade that almost worked, but it was just too bold for me. I like to play with my eye makeup, not lips. I’ve always been an eye girl, not a lip girl.

But, in the spirit of St. Valentine, I decided to try a red gloss from Wet n Wild. Of course, Wet n Wild because it’s cheap, fun and a great brand to experiment with. Their quality has really improved but their prices have stayed the same so what better brand to try something new for less than $5.

Today, I’m wearing Wet n Wild’s Mega Slick’s Lip Gloss in  Red Sensation. It’s not bad. It’s still red, but it’s a gloss so the pigment is not all that strong. I layered it over a nice gold/nude color I have and that dulled the orange that always seems to come out when I try on a red. I still feel a bit self-conscious, it’s redder than anything I’d wear normally, but so far no one’s given me any crazy looks.

The gloss is great, aside from color. It’s not sticky at all (which I hate!), doesn’t seem to be too drying and has lasted longer than I thought. I probably got through lunch before I realized it was all gone. Not bad for a brand I used to play with when I was 11.

I also like that I didn’t have to totally commit to the red. I could have easily wiped this off at my desk if I felt too weird about it! No lip stains, color on my teeth, or bleeding onto my skin. For a once a year holiday, this really worked. Maybe I can pull this out again for the 4th of July, or Christmas. For now though, since the gloss worked so well, I’m sticking to my main color group, nice purple-y, brown neutrals. My favorites are Sun Glaze, Bronze Berry and Cotton Candy.

 I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day and if you can, rock those red lips!! Who else loves Wet N Wild?

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