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Stacy B here! In the past 5 or so years, I think I’ve been to more than 25 weddings. There was a time in our late 20s when my husband and I (we were one of the first of all our friends to tie the knot) had five to seven invites a year. At first we tried to get to them all but we had to cut down our wedding travel and overnight stays as we got older, bought a house and had kids. Plus, a new dress, shoes and accessories per wedding were getting expensive! And yes, I HAD to get a new outfit each time, they were usually the same circle of friends invited, I couldn’t repeat!

Of course we made it to all the local ones and last weekend was no exception. We had a great time, got out and away from the kids for a night (thanks Mom and Dad!) and got to see a lot of good friends who we hadn’t seen since before the baby was born in April. Since I wasn’t going to buy a new dress that won’t fit as soon as the rest of the baby weight is gone, I splurged on some new makeup. And by splurge, you know I mean drugstore buys with coupons. Like under $10 total.


Thank you again, Wet n Wild for your product makeover without the price hike. I bought myself a really nice peach-y brown neutral lip color, Mega Shield Lip Color Spf 15 -in Peachy Keen. For only $3!

 I know, I know, sometimes you get what you pay for. This is not a miracle stick. It will not last for days, create the perfect Angelina pout, get all your drinks paid for, or even last through dinner. But, it was $3. It promised to ‘glide on buttery-soft”, deliever moderate coverage, and condition with Vitamin E, amino acids, avocado oil, and rice bran oil.  It did all three, so I was happy. It was like I paid $1 for each claim.

 It did go on really smoothly and blended perfectly with my gloss. It was not chalky or heavy and felt more gloss-like than a heavy lipstick. The color was perfect and the pigment was just right. On my lips the color looked just like the stick so I know now that if I buy another color, I won’t have to debate in the store whether or not the color will be the true when I get it home.

It did not dry out my lips at all and I had no flaking or smudging. I can’t speak to the SPF-ness of it, but I’m not one to wear lipstick to the beach so I’d be OK with whatever’s in there.

The only gripe I have is that it promises to last for hours…not so much. I barely got through the cocktail hour before I knew I had to reapply. And then again after dinner. But, that’s not a big deal to me. After a few open bar cocktails, I usually have to go to the bathroom a few times anyway, so a little touch up is not a nuisance at all. I loved the color so I accept that trade off.

I also didn’t worry about losing it, or dropping it out of my bag and getting it stepped on or something since it only cost $3. It was perfectly within my budget, did it’s job fairly well and only added to my growing admiration of Wet n Wild’s new transformation. We have yet another wedding in September and I’m sure I’ll be shopping for the perfect fall color by then!



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