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Next to beauty products, the second thing I’m on an eternal quest for is relaxation. I think it’s safe to say that 99% of the people reading this would say that an awesome massage is one of the most relaxing things in the world! For all you NY NJ readers, I urge you to check out Liz at the Spa H in Hoboken. She’s unbelievable!! The only thing that would make a massage more relaxing is if it didn’t cost a hundred bucks. Well, a few years ago I started seeing a Network Chiropractor. I had been to the bone crackers, and was weary of this alternative version of chiro. But let me tell you, after spending a half hour on Dr. Michael’s table I felt like a million dollars! I could breath better, hear better, colors were brighter! I was very grounded and present. INSURANCE COVERED IT!!! It was amazing. Until he got married and moved to Hawaii. Since he moved (after my mourning period) I started looking for another chiro to take his place. I tried the 70 year old bone cracker that would hook me up to machines from the 1950’s and shock me for a half hour (not relaxing). Then the acupauncturist chiro who put needles in my back and hooked them up to electricity for an hour. Not relaxing. Then the medical intuitive chiro, yeah, couldn’t get past all the crystals hanging from the ceiling. So I am still on my quest for ultimate relaxation.

I had a similar quest to the Quest of the Chiro. It is the quest for the perfect DD blush! And unlike my chiro quest, this one has been fulfilled. Wet N Wild Mega Glow in”Spotlight Peach”. You know the Smashbox Fusion eye and Cheek palate that we reviewed a few weeks back? Well this is its cheaper younger brother! It has four strips: a light peach, rose, pinkish bronze, and a light shimmer. That blend together to give the most natural looking blush I have ever experienced. They have other shades and even a bronzer (which I love as well). And for 4.99 it’s a killer deal!!

So, not unlike little Goldie Locks, I have found a blush that is not too pigmented, not too shimmery, not unnatural looking, not too soft or too hard. It’s JUST RIGHT!! Now, back to my search for free relaxation!!

Any other Wet N’ Wild fans out there?

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