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nyc1Stacy B here! I am so excited to be writing up this review! BabyLove and I have been friends since high school and I’ve been reviewing baby products for her for months. While I love doing that –and almost always steal some of the baby stuff for myself– when she told me Meg was looking for someone to try some every day drugstore products, I was thrilled! Not only will I get great stuff to try out, but I won’t feel guilty every time I slap on some Body Shop Baby Butter while my son, Kyle, runs around the room naked post-bath. Sure, it’s supposed to be for him, but his skin is so baby-flawless right now he barely needs it. You have to teach kids to share some time, right? Besides, he’s too busy sticking his finger in his belly button and yelling ‘beep!!!!’ to know his mom is ‘borrowing’ his stuff.
As a Mom, we get pretty familiar with drug stores. Prescriptions for sick babies, late night diaper runs, emergency wipes for that unforeseen food emergency on long car trips… We also tend to forget that we are women first, and do deserve a little pampering here and there. So many times I’ve run into the local drugstore on the way to grab wipes and baby gas medicine and breezed right past the ‘fun’ section, trying not to look directly at the rainbow of nail polish colors, the sparkly lip gloss tubes and the eye shadow display that rivals a Benjamin Moore Paint store.
But once in awhile, I get to go in and look for myself. I’ll be honest; my local drug store, CVS, is one of my favorite stores. It’s a world of possibilities in there, and generally, it’s in your budget. While some people salivate at the thought of entering a Sephora, or the Nordstrom’s makeup counter, I get intimidated by those places. The drugstore offers me a decent selection, good prices and a way to experiment a little without breaking the bank. I love my MAC eye shadow just as much as the next girl, but I definitely tried out some cheaper brands to find my color before I spent the money on MAC.
After I stopped crying of happiness at the bag of drugstore goodies Meg sent me, I honed in on one special lipstick. I’ve been stuck with my lipstick color for awhile and wanted something lighter, more nude and non-drying. I picked up Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick SPF 18  in Dreamy. It was perfect (and only $6.99!) A very light pinky brown with some sparkle to it. I normally shy away from anything pink or red, but this was subtle and my tan skin works better with pink shades than my ‘winter white’. I tried it on, and it went on so smoothly and felt more like a good lip balm than a lipstick. And, BONUS! It’s got SPF in there! Lipstick can be drying, but this was definitely not. In general I was pleased with the color, but I did have a bit of a 60s retro look going on…it was a bit too light and shimmery. That might work for a weekend, but I was heading to work and didn’t want to be confused with a  go-go girl.
I stuck my hand into my bag of goodies again, and found  N.Y.C. New York Color Extreme Glider Lip Glossin Mulberry St. Mocha. This was a PERFECT (for me anyway) shade of a mocha-y brown with a touch of pink in it. No shimmer though, so I applied it over my Rimmel Lipstick. JACKPOT. It dulled the sparkle and deepened the brown tones in the lipstick perfectly.  I LOVE mixing products because you can buy less and mix and match more to get more colors. This was a perfect combination. And the gloss was not sticky at all, and very moisturizing. It has vitamins A, C and E and a blend of extracts and oils to provide lip conditioning.
With both of these moisturizing products and their subtle colors, this is definitely a drug store find that even the pickiest of lip connoisseurs will enjoy.

Who else is a fan of N.Y.C Extreme Glider? What else should I give a shot of that’s Rimmel? What is your drugstore go-to?

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