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urbandecaystardustlipglossI cannot help that the Cinderella-gene in me surfaces even today when you’d think Goddess Granny would have cultivated a bit more refinement and understated glamour. It’s never far below the surface and anything that shimmers,shines,sparkles,or suggests twinkle owns me at the first glimmer! I swear I was a crow in a past life (they are known to be attracted to shiny-things even at a great distance) because I can not resist! There is something about even a few rhinestones that just makes me happy and in this rather dreary world, I think that’s an okay thing!

I don’t dress with much light-reflecting abandon however, I’m not a little girl and no one needs to be subjected to me swathed in crystals from head to toe! I do have friends that CAN carry the look and I love as well as envy them! I rely on my bits of bling to suggest at my obsession and am rarely without at least ONE little sprinkle of star-shine somewhere even if’s if only a dime store bling stretchy-bracelet worn to workout…as I said, it makes me happy and if it breaks all over the room, I truly believe it’s my personal brand of “fairy dust” so there you have it!

One of my very favorite ways to add a touch of Tinkerbelle is to use one thin line of Urban Decay’s cult-favorite, “Heavy Metal” liquid glittering eyeliner to the tops of my eyelids, very close to the lash line only…a sweep of “Catfight” makes me feel I can tackle the world and the ultra-thin brush prevents me from over killing the look,these are a MUST HAVE ITEM in anyone’s makeup kit, SO many pros swear by them as well! They do not budge or flake…use with restraint and you will see what I mean:

Just this tiny bit of twink lights up your eyes in an amazing way. It’s been one of my “secrets” for years earning me many compliments! Needless to say, when I had a sleek tube of the new and equally transforming “Stardust Sparkling Lipgloss” from our adored-genius product creators at Urban Decay land in my lap,I giggled and cooed as if it were a 3ct diamond. Before even opening it, I KNEW this lipgloss would be something special! Urban Decay tops the list of “what” is on. In my makeup world, that gets used the most and suggested even more and like a lemming, I am drawn to every UD counter in hopes of spotting maybe that one item I don’t own or haven’t tried! We LOVE this brand at . All of us know about the vegan-amazing side of their ingredients as well so I am extremely biased when it comes to their “new babies!” Over the many years I’ve used UD, I can count on maybe 3 fingers the products that I didn’t adore…that is saying a lot!

Back to the current object of my delight: “Stardust Sparkling Lipgloss” has a lovely applicator and boats the minty-fresh smell and slight flavor UD is famous for! The gloss is glittery and sparkly and shimmers up your lips like nobody’s business without ANY gritty or annoying “particle” feeling. I don’t know how they did it but it just glides on and does it’s business without being obvious about it…this is THE shiniest lipgloss ever and gives your lips that coveted “pouf” without any need for those ingredients that cause sensitivity in some just by dancing with the light that shines off your beautiful lips! Wears really well and lives up to all my expectations!

I absolutely LOVE this gloss,it’s currently available in only 3 colors and two are fairly neutral….of course “Glamrock”,the brightest of the bunch has my heart and I am hoping many more shades will follow! “StardustSparkling Lipgloss” is an awesome addition to the UD lineup and it’s never too soon to get your Holiday-glam on even if it’s only to eat popcorn and watch movies in your room!!!

Buy it here and I double dog dare you not to throw some other UD items into your basket also!!!

Do you also love to light up a room with your smile or sparkle? We all have lots of lipgloss no doubt but I promise you that this UD delight will make YOU the one everyone looks at with “Stardust” in their eyes! Do you get all excited about new UD products too?

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