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Have you ever heard a song in the am and couldn’t get it out of your mind or off your lips for an entire day? “Poker Face” comes to mind for me and of course,the visual of Meg dancing at sister’s BBQ shared in a previous post to this tune always makes me smile as well! 🙂

Goddess Granny here and I think that some things are just SO good that it’s really okay to rave about them over and over: I know that as consumers,we are faced with a mind-boggling array of choices when it comes to our glam-jam and I for one do my best to support as many companies as humanly possible! Is it a “sickness” to be constantly searching for “something better” or rather simply the pursuit of those items of quality which not only enhance our looks and well-being but also make our lives easier and thusly BETTER because they are simply so damn good?

I’m gonna’ say it again and again: for me and my money, there are few companies out there that rival the genius, creativity, originality, and affordability of “Urban Decay!” If I remember correctly,when I first discovered this line @ 10 years ago,I turned to it for glitter eye-liners and that much-coveted shade of sparkly-champagne shadow NO makeup bag should be without, “Midnight Cowboy!” I’ve yet to find this shade’s rival.

Fast-forward to 2009 and a helluva’ lot of cash spent, many hours spent shopping and sampling and NOW, I find I’m scanning their website frequently as my first-choice in just about EVERY category because of what they continue to dream-up and offer! With SO much out there to chose from,you almost cannot FAIL with their cutting-edge colors, pace-setting products, and such interesting packaging and affordable pricing compared to many: add in a “Love it or leave it guarantee” for online-shopping (you can return an item within 45 days for a full refund!) and easy returns and you have what might just be a one stop shop for all that promises to be FABULOUS in the world of beauty products with no mistakes probable or possible! Plus,they offer sales like the recent $30% off which allows us to truly indulge and or justify just a bit more…

New for Fall ’09 (along with some AMAZING new makeup colors!) is the “Lip Primer Potion”...I would venture to guess that many have tried and loved the coveted “Eyeshadow Primer Potion” and now there are also two NEW “Face Primer Potions” as well (one that brightens,one that perfects pores) but I’m going to try and focus on the Lip Primer here and now although I am a HUGE fan of the entire clan of Potions Kiss!

Gorgeous case: can this company possibly improve their packaging any more? Sassy signature- lilac case with silver-metallic etching design,this product is TOTALLY unique! NOT a gloss or “plumper”,it serves as a foundation to insure that the lippy you apply looks great for hours! It goes on rather “velvety” as opposed to slick and allows your color to go on smoother and more color-true without any fading or feathering. Contains an SPF of 15 (recent studies show that ALL lippys should have a sunscreen!) along with moisture-giving vitamins A, C, and D.

I tried this with my new UD “Naked” lipstick for a fabulous nude-lip result as well as with my new “Lip Envy” shade of “Greedy” which is THE most amazing ripe berry-stain for Fall and both applications were perfection! I even tried it alone with my new 24/7 lipliner in “Paranoid” and LOVED the “no lipstick, is that you Pamela Anderson?” look of a Playboy-chicklet! 🙂 It gives a lighter than natural smooth matte-finish and I swear to you that I didn’t have a hint of creeping or cracking in any application I tried until I took my makeup off! If you don’t use a lip-liner,you’ll find that this gives a more “finished” quality to the color you apply as well.

Seriously, I don’t think ANYONE’S makeup-bag should be without this new UD potion and I predict that “cult status” will be surpassed by “total sellout/on a wait-list to own” VERY soon! It’s hard to sound like a broken record when you rant and review about a company who simply gets it right 🙂

This is the “foundation garment for lips” of your dreams my pretties and I think it’s one of THE best products they’ve ever come up with! NO work of art can be guaranteed to stand the test of time without a proper priming of the “canvas” so be sure that when you create the masterpiece that is YOU, be sure to reach for this amazing product first!

Who else loves Urban Decay and their Lip Primer as much as I do?

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