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liploveI hate dieting. I hate feeling deprived. I hate that I “have to” reduce my calories and food variety to a rather dull assortment of “good for you/taste just okay” choices in order to look the way I want to! Goddess Granny is sure I’m not alone in these sentiments and it truly isn’t fair that some of us are simply not blessed in the genetics department because after many years of reassuring myself that I SHOULD “be a twig” for the way I workout and eat that it’s simply not in my stars…sighing here.

That is why I truly enjoy it when just a little bit of something sweet can get me through the day without feeling like I’m the redheaded stepchild of metabolism!

This time time it’s NOT a salted caramel yummy to the rescue but one of my/our VERY favorite brands, the always amazing and consistently luscious “Urban Decay!” You are probably weary of my “oh I LOVE this stuff!” rants in regards to every damn product that I review from this company BUT I believe that if’s it’s good,it deserves the top spot and I have yet another INCREDIBLE new product from my UD loves to babble on about!

Lipgloss was for many of us, our first exposure to the world of pretty! I think even many 4 yr olds now tote a tube of sticky pink with them to daycare? There is something about gliding on a slightly gooey, sweetly scented (and flavored if we’re lucky!) confection of a gloss that simply connects with the GIRL in us all! Urban Decay has somehow ( and I don’t know HOW they keep coming up with the best of formulas!) created a new lipgloss that is justifiably  named “Lip Love” that not only comes in YUMMY shades and our favorite type of  wide-angle applicator tube but ALSO is infused with nourishing and smoothing HONEY and other replenishing oils that gives you THE prettiest pout and makes your lips so smoochy that you just might well spend an afternoon lip-locked with someone so you can share the treat!

I am wearing “Taunt”, a perfect nude everyday all day and even to bed…the scent and taste IS honey,not a fake or plasticky sweetness but like the stuff drizzled on straight from the little plastic bear container. My lips are so pretty right now and the shine seems to last for hours…well,let’s just say I keep applying it, every hour,Kiss! Can’t get enough of this dessert for my lips and it also somehow makes me feel just a bit less deprived because I CAN enjoy every application of delight without the guilt or calorie counting! The scent is fresh and sweet and really does makes you want to kiss someone so they too can appreciate how fabulous you taste! Not just a sassy gloss,this IS a treatment for your lips as well and the price is so right for such quality!

Every single shade is delicious and as always, UD gives us indulgence that’s guilt-free on every level because it’s so pure and perfect for us! As IF this UD gloss could GET any better…well…it actually CAN because if you go here right NOW,you can take advantage of the “Friends and Family” sale that continues through July 10th and you can get a honking 25% off your purchase! For that kind of generous discount,this gloss can (and should!) be available to all in every color!

I can so see gifting the light shades to a younger girl and stocking up for batch-parties, girl’s night outs or ins,gal pals and more and at this price,you can share the honeyed sweetness of “Lip Love” Honey Infused Lip Gloss” with everyone you love or just might want to kiss!

Sale code valid though July 10,2011 is:  FFSUMMER11  and be still my heart: free shipping over $50.00 as well!!! This is a non fattening feast of great taste we can ALL indulge in!

One of my VERY fave Urban Decay products of the year so far! With SO many types of glosses on the market to choose from,I think we all get “picky”: this new “Lip Love” is not going to leave my hand anytime soon and I’m excited to try every shade!

Is lipgloss also one of your “must have’s” and don’t you love it when you find one that gives you glam- shine,  stays on for hours, tastes amazing AND treats your lips to round the clock moisture! I absolutely LOVE new UD’s  “Lip Love”and I’m positive you will too so don’t miss out!


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