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perversian“To step outside one’s comfort zone,one must experiment with new and different behaviors and experience the different responses that inevitably occur…”

Goddess Granny THRIVES on stepping out of this zone but also realizes at this point in her life,that sometimes embracing “change” can lead to some rather unique results especially when tweaking her personal style 🙂 I am a creature of habit for the most part, a bit OCD in my daily doings and although I am a true Gemini and subject to those mercurial mood-changes, I prefer things to flow in a pretty orderly fashion most of the time.

However, that doesn’t stop me from acting like a loon at times, howling at the moon if it’s appropriate, (you’d need to meet my 5 sisters to understand that this can be a ‘bonding” experience after several cocktails) and pulling out all the stops within reasons of decency and modesty when I feel like I need to change up my look a bit. I don’t second guess my choices for an evening out because I plan my makeup, hair and accessories first and then dress accordingly:sounds strange but I find it allows me to express rather than simply get dressed and I begin creating the “mood of the moment” with the very first swipe of my makeup brush!

I’ve been around long enough (no, not quite as old as dirt but close…) to have seen and tried just about every beauty-trend around with the exception of a few things so invasive or bizarre that even I can’t make sense of them: I LOVE that according to Meg and every other makeup-maven out there the fact that PURPLE reigns supreme in all areas of fashion for Fall 2010 and am trying like crazy to get my wardrobe of greys, blues, and purples where I want it to be even though it’s still in the high 90’s here. I am already wearing my PERFECT Chanel nail color in “Paradoxyl” to rave reviews but honestly,I just hadn’t been able to coordinate a lip color that I felt truly embraced the season and shade until now!

I have many gorgeous shades of red and yes, they are “in” for Fall of course as are those reliable “nudes”…do these tones ever truly go OUT? Not in my world. I wanted to step outside that “zone” and find a lip color that was as mysterious and evocative as Autumn itself-my favorite season! I did try a few lipsticks in purplish-tones but honestly, they drained me dry. I looked like a passed over wanna’ be extra in a low budget vampire movie with them on. Burgundy wasn’t quite the ticket nor was plum or wine. I had resigned myself to wearing red and that was that until I received a bit of “Perversion” in my mail from Meg…doesn’t that sound juicy?

I sound like a broken record raving about “Urban Decay” on a regular basis but seriously: What’s NOT to like about this spectacular brand? They define the style, set the trends, and break the rules with such grace and goodwill. I love this company more every year! The new “Lip Junkie Lip Glosses” are simply NOT just another damn lipgloss but rather the ones I want to own in every single shade! As always, the packaging and applicator are a wow, slick with a touch of that famous urbane and slightly Gothic-glam. They’re so well designed they are a breeze to apply and re-apply without making a mess in your purse or pocket or his! The shades for Fall 2010 are SO spectacular and striking but they have a special secret in the “Maxi-Lip” formulation (vegan of course!) that promises a whopping 40% increase in lip plumpness if used daily for a month! I’m admitting it here: I wear “Peroxide”, a delicious palest angel pink to bed) They are decedent, totally non-sticky and somehow they manage to be pigmented but not heavy and the scent/taste is an amazingly fresh and lasting vanilla mint! I cannot get enough of the look and feel these glosses give…Addiction much?

The shade “Perversion” to me, IS what Urban Decay’s all about: it’s shimmery, ultra-chic and there’s not another color like it that I’ve found:looks very dark, almost black in the tube but it gives your lips a “tone” rather than a true color and the effect is nothing short of glamorous, au current, and SO unique that I promise you’ll be asked many times “what” your lipcolor IS!!! It elevates my Fall 2010 “look” to perfection and is the most complimentary shade to my nail color I can imagine. Don’t be put off by the color until you sample it because I was shocked at how shimmery and polished my lips looked and how this shade requires very little else on my face to really make me look really dressed up! It morphs and glistens once on and really sets the tone for a dramatic yet wearable face. I use a nude lipliner to “hold” the gloss in place at the edges but it doesn’t feather-just my personal preference.

I jumped off that “comfort zone” cliff with Urban Decay and we’re still holding hands very tightly, enjoying what promises to be a REALLY great looking Fall 2010! I NEVER would have suspected that a tube of cooling and plumping (with NO stinging or burning at ALL!) obsidian “black” lip gloss could make me feel so vampy and yummy so thanks again Darlin’ Meg for knowing me so well and trusting me with this color!

Buy it here
and as I mentioned, please don’t judge this truly original and ultra-flattering color until you can try it! Grab ahold and take that LEAP of makeup faith with Urban Decay: they won’t let you down! This IS the color of lips for Fall 2010 if you dare!

Do you go outside your “comfort zone” when it comes to choosing your cosmetics and have you ever been pleasantly surprised by a color that you NEVER thought you’d love after trying it on?

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