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urbandecaypocketrocketnewI am one of those who believes that if you can’t laugh at it,it’s probably not worth being involved in? Goddess Granny is big on wit and humor, thus the relationship between Meg and I, I hold most dear. You also really need a sense of humor when you’re getting pretty because what FUN is it all if you’re SO hung up on perfecting and correcting, on polishing up and primping, you lose sight of the fact that deep down, most of us are doing all this to smile at ourselves in the mirror. Also with the hopes that someone will want to destroy our carefully applied look by smothering us with kisses!

I think you need a sense of humor just to BE a girl these days because who can keep up with everything that’s new and trending let alone be able to indulge fully in the fine art of “appropriate acquisition” aka shopping! It’s exhausting enough to try and find products that work without irritating or that morph into clown-couture once applied without having to be all chic and serious when you go to the makeup counter! I am weary of those overdressed, pinched-faces behind the counter who feel that the way to sell is to insult in a nice way ie,“Oh…but if you stopped using that blush you’re wearing and tried what I’ve got on you’d look so much better…!” (I actually heard this last week which sent me into peals of laughter!) Please…ask me how my day’s going and what I’m in the mood to try, make me smile because YOU are smiling and I’ll buy something because God knows I now have a vanity drawer that will shut without being forced…

I feel as though the name “Urban Decay” is as dear to me as that of one of my grandkids because I rave about it almost as much! With good reason and I’m already looking forward to new goodies for 2012 from this company which in my eyes, like the grandkids, can do no wrong…

I can’t live without their “Dew Me” spray makeup setter anymore when traveling and going out because the stuff works and doesn’t give me any skin issues like others I have tried! “Curling Mascara” is my go-to most days because I don’t need to grab that lash-curler that bites before coffee because the mascara does the job! “24/7 Eyeshadow and Liner” pencils fall out of my evening bags and pockets at any given moment because I have so many and can’t bear to be without them! On and on…I continue to try brands that are whispered about and not even yet available in the US but still hang onto SO many of UD’s amazing products because they really work, come in the most creative and fabulous colors, and just ARE that GOOD!

I have given so many UD “Pocket Rocket Lipglosses” as gifts and everyone adores them: unique in texture, scent, (most define as a creamy-vanilla) and for the way they pouf and polish! They also are in the cutest and hottest packaging ever!!! Great brush-on applicator and each unique, wearable, shade has a really cute guy that STRIPS down to his undies on the applicator lid! For a very reasonable price, you are entertained, have a reason to SMILE, and own some absolutely fabulous lipgloss that is vegan with great staying-power! It comes in some luscious shades! This week, on January 10th to be exact, UD will be launching the 2 NEW “Pocket Rocket” shades above: “Dustin”, a light nude with multi-dimensional sparkles and “Rashad”,a creamy-looking opaque dusty rose and both look to be VERY on-point for Spring 2012 early looks!

“Pocket Rockets”
are just naughty enough to be FUN and still be taken seriously because it’s UD and obviously,just a great product! Perfect for any gal-pal gift, showers, Valentines, batch-parties. Maybe (like me) you’ve been looking at the same guy for a while and just need to feel like you’re getting away with something that gives you a reason to smile as you pucker up?

These two new shades will be available on the Urban Decay site and and at Ulta later this week and I’m scooping up several before Spring Fever even hits! Buy them here beginning on Jan 10, 2012!

Have you tried your own Urban Decay “Pocket Rocket” and which “shade” (okay…which GUY!) appeals to you the most? I just LOVE these and hope UD continues to fuel our fantasies and gloss our lips with these for a long time to come!

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