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Hello girls! Solerois welcoming you to this week’s Every Day Is Like Sunday special report. Before I start I want to thank the marvelous and sassy Marnie from Treat for sending these lip balms out to Megsmakeup!

Ah, lip balms. So many flavors, so many textures and just two lips. Well, sometimes four if you make your friend try it. When I made the boyfriend try the Treat Sweet Butter Sugared Rose Tinted Lip Balm he said it felt like cake frosting. I assume that is a good thing, cause now, every time I open that lip balm in front of him he puts his nose in my face and strikes the “put lip balm on my lips” pose.

I like it too. Maybe not as much as he does since the rose smell isn’t my thing, but same time that honey rose smell reminds me of Barbie’s cosmetics and whenever I put it on I feel like a naughty little girl.

Some people allege that this is the way a girl should always feel.

There are two kinds of lip balm textures in my book, buttery and oily. I know, this doesn’t make a lot of sense since buttery and oily should be the same, but imagine the wind blowing your hair in your face and then think if that hair will be stuck on your lips. With a buttery lip balm they will stick there (gawd I hate it when that happens). With an oily one, they won’t.

Although I nurture great despite for the “hair stuck on lips” phenomenon, I usually prefer the buttery kind of balms. I have observed that when the buttery ones are gone, my lips remain moisturized, but when the oily ones are gone, like Carmex, they leave my lips even drier than they were before I put it on.

The Treat Sweet Butter Sugared Rose Tinted Lip Balm’s texture isn’t exactly buttery; it’s closer to being oily, but without the bad consequences – and that was a great surprise. When I first put it on I was bummed cause I thought that it would be gone soon, leaving my lips drier, like all other oily balms. But when it was actually gone, my lips looked healthier and still felt good.

There is one more thing about the Treat Butter Sugared RoseTinted Lip Balm you are going to love. Its little container’s cap requires 2.3 turns to seal, which makes it almost impossible for anything to get in there. What I mean is that when all of my other lip balms that live at the bottom of my purse have managed to get sand, dirt andgodknowswhat inside them, the Treat lip balm turns out to be the winner.

Also, I love their mission statement, this item is green enough for Chi Chi on Tuesday! So pure everything is made with the purest natural, organic and wild-crafted organic ingredients-all cruelty free!

Ladies, let me know if you loved this treat!

Treat Beauty-Buy it here

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