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tokyomilkMeg here! The “goodybag” at parties is a huge Hollywood draw. It’s really great what they put in them and I have been known to drag myself across the city to an event I was only sort of interested in to get the goody bag. Sue me. Like I’m the only one who ever does that! Innocent

I was double booked and Megken went off to his film party without me. He got a great goody bag and he knows by now how to divide the bag up. He keeps the baseball hats, t-shirts and candy. I get any coupons, mini bottles of booze and beauty products. It’s like clockwork. We have our system down pat.

He handed me my latest stash and said, “oh, I know this falls under your category. It’s a lipstick. It came with my category though-it came with really good breath mints. That’s kind of like candy.” He had a point. I was intrigued though. A lipstick that came with breath mints? Megken then handed me one of the most gorgeously packaged little box ever. I could not wait to check out my Tokyo Milk Your Kiss Is On My List-Kissing Kits!

I loved beautifully wrapped cosmetics-I can’t help it. I will pay the extra $5 to have something look delicious on my vanity. I had never heard of this brand before. I quickly applied my new toy. The color was extremely smooth, it was not sheer but not quite a dark matte. It was more on the subtle side but could definitely be layered for more bang.
This was a goodybag find so I think Tokyo Milk went with their shade #52 “sheer kiss” so that it would be universally flattering. It is definitely a staple color.

It was an unrelated coincidence when Lisa from sent me an email 2 days later saying “Will you let the Meg Heads Know we are now carrying the whole Tokyo Milk line?” It was really kismet when Lisa sent that to me because was just the type of place that would sell this exotic bird-I made a mental note to tell Lisa to check out the line before she beat me to the punch!
tokyomilk1The packaging is a super sensuous chinois! I’ve been clicking through and looking at some of their other items like Cherry Bomb-bon bon lip balm “A fragrant cherry lemonade on the lips” are calling my name! Lisa even put up a special offer (in the big letters in the blue!)

SPECIAL OFFER:  Purchase $125 of any Tokyo Milk & receive 1 Tokyo Milk Eau de Parfum Spray as our gift to you.  Retail Value $28.  Please tell us your choice of scent under “comments” during check out.  No code needed. Cannot be combined with any other offer.

So that was my great goodybag find! Definitely beats the pack of gun and pack of crayons in my 5 year-old birthday bags! What do you ladies think? What companies packaging makes you swoon?

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