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nailtinigardenpartyWho among us is not “star-struck” at least once in a while? Goddess Granny has rather unique “star-powered obsessions” these days and it’s NOT with the current bevy of noted people. Some of the people who make cooking sexy and fun astound me, David Tutera,with his grace and elegance is THE ultimate “event planner” of my dreams! I wish I had the energy to brave the crowds at a local mall today to meet Tim Gunn who is in town for a promo-event, I’d kill for an hour with him and just one piece of his sage-advice advice! I also enjoy the heck out of the pawn guys and those tat-covered boys who make messing with dangerous weapons a day in the park! I think it’s pretty cool that we have exposure to lots of talent-types these days and it’s just plain fun to be inspired by those who create such excitement through their passions!

I have to admit that although I am a bit in awe of many, ONE designer has truly influenced my personal look in recent years and she is Janie Bryant: THE fashion and style designer for the amazing “Mad Men” series and I think she’s done a lot to single-handedly bring back the “art of dressing” for many of us who missed all the fun growing up! She is dedicated and SO talented, and in her book,”The Fashion File: Advice,Tips and Inspiration From The Costume Designer of Mad Men” she says, “Who do you want to be TODAY?” She believes that you can be whomever you’d like to be and can change your own personal “character”even daily depending on your whims and needs by choosing your clothing and accessories and cultivating YOUR own personal style! I love this notion, I am able to pull it off with makeup but am honestly still working on it in terms of my closet. That is still a work in progress. I truly feel Janie’s influence has changed the way many of us “present” in our daily lives even if it’s only a via pencil skirt or a more polished hair style… LOVES our “‘Tini Beauty Lounge” and have been huge fans of their lip stains, lipsticks and nail “cocktail” colors for ages! Their presentation and FUN site really makes designing your “personal character” at least through your choices in lip and nail colors a breeze. Who wants to wear the same shades as everyone else anyway? I am SO over the “must have it,it’s going to sell out,OMG,let’s RUN to get in on a pre-order” product-frenzies. Honestly, I just don’t want to “be” that girl anymore. Maybe it’s confidence, or just that I would rather indulge in products that as Janie believes,really DO reflect my OWN personal sense of style whatever that may be from day to day! Tini products not only make that possible but doable and again a ridiculous amount of fun!

I literally gasped when I initially saw the “Garden Party” collection of nail colors on the “Tini Beauty Lounge Site” because they were gorgeous, very wearable,transcending “seasons or trends” AND they were created by Janie Bryant herself FOR ‘Tini! The nail colors are available individually or in the cutest “mini bar” set which I love because so many times we just get bored with a full size bottle of nail color before it’s gone! Like many of the ‘Tini shades, they can be layered to create entirely new effects and shades and are just gorgeous in terms of application and finish!

These shades,from left to right are fabulous and original and I love each of them.Tthe “Mini Bar” collection is about as cute a gift as you could ever come up with for any occasion!

” Blue Carnation”: a milky greyed-blue,perfect for a transitional shade!

” Admiral Perry” (currently on my toes): a patent-leather royal blue that’s very unique!

” Blushing Lady”: a not so baby pink perfect when you want a pinup girl look!

” Garden Jubilee”: actually my favorite,an iridescent pink/green sheer “gauze” that you can just layer over the others,creating a beautiful new look or changing it up for evening! It also adds a touch of “Golden Autumn” to the lighter shades that is totally perfect for right now…

The brushes are wonderful and I love the versatility of these “Garden Party” shades! You can’t go wrong with any of these and they’re a perfect addition to everyone’s “nail color wardrobe!” If Janie Bryant has a hand in it, you KNOW it’s right on trend!

Buy the “Mini Bar” collection here and as always,have some time set aside to play on the wonderful ‘Tini site because it tends to bring out the Crayola-color lovers in us all!

I think that nail color is  one of THE easiest and most cost-effective way to create a personal “look” without lots of effort and I love it when great colors on my tips and toes show that I’m in charge of my own style! Have you tried any of the incredible nail colors from ‘Tini Beauty Lounge and don’t you agree that unique nail color always gets attention and compliments? Which shade brings out the glamour girl in you?

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