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tartepoutyIf you will all indulge Sweetassgal for a moment…I would like to take this opportunity to send some love to Sweetassguy.  For the past ten years you have been my heart and my home and I feel so ultimately blessed to have you in my life.  Happy 10th anniversary darling…here’s to the next ten and beyond!  Okay ladies…those who are romance intolerant can stop retching right now.  Sorry to put you through that but it’s a relationship record for me and I had to take the opportunity to tell him how much he means to me.
This puts me in mind of milestones.  My next milestone is coming up in 2012 in the form of my 20th high school reunion.  This is a bit scary for me as it is the first time a big milestone celebrates an accomplishment of the past and not the hope of the future.  It’s a little chilling but it also makes me both reflective and a bit nostalgic.  It’s actually a lot of fun to look back over the last 20 years and see not only where I was but how far I’ve come.  From bad haircuts to good clothes I’ve ran the gamut and it’s absolutely hysterical!  So I’ve decided I won’t be bringing back my absolutely atrocious pyramid shaped bob but I am all about some of the less heavy and more youthful makeup looks of my past.  The best of the best of these looks…fresh, sweet, kissable pink shimmer lips!
Somewhere between my “everything is an earthy shade of brown” makeup phase to my obsession with “super sparkly cat’s eyes” I’ve forgotten the simplistic perfection of a simple pink pout.  Worn best with softly illuminated eyes and a dewey complexion, the shimmer of soft pink lips brings about thoughts of spring picnics and outdoor shopping bazaars.  I love the look and am happy it came back to me because it’s one look my overly ruddy complexion can pull off.  Seriously, it’s quite fetching on me!  My husband even complimented me on it this evening and asked what I was wearing.  He NEVER actually asks me what it is I’m wearing so this is a major coup for me.  So, a good dusting of translucent powder to tone down the redness, a swipe of shimmer on my brow bone and a few flashes of mascara have me ready to pick out my perfect pink color to finish off the look.  And guess what?  I have it!  Now were you surprised??!!
Tarte’s LipSurgence natural lip luster in pouty may just be the ultimate pink for this look.  Taking the cap off of this thick lip tint liner you see how much fun it is because it looks just like a giant crayon!  The big, thick kind that preschoolers use to doodle with wild abandon.  It’s a hot pink berry shade jam packed with sparkly shimmer and I love applying it! I seriously feel like a preteen girl filling in my pout with a giant crayon for big girls.  It’s actually fun to apply lip color again!  But applying much alot or often isn’t something you have to do.  I’ve worn it from 7:00 in the morning with one reapplication just after noon and one again during rush hour traffic and it stayed perfectly colored and hydrated all day.  With most lip colors I feel they begin to dry out my lips and I have the need to wipe them off completely, reapply a little balm first to moisten my lips, then begin the process of lining and coloring again.  I honestly don’t think I ever felt that need to go through the whole process again that day.  A little more punch of color was needed throughout the day after eating and licking my lips again but the moisture level of this tint kept my lips going strong all day.  What’s also genius about this particular “stick style” lippie is that you don’t have to sharpen it at all losing valuable lip tint in that process.  You simply twist the end cap and it brings up more beautiful lip tint to the top of the applicator.  No muss…no fuss!  
Tarte High Performance Naturals cosmetics are just about second to none around Megs.  Not only are their products always superior but so is their thoughtfulness in packaging and appearance.  Which, if we are all pretty honest, is why we are all here mostly anyway right!  The entire LipSurgence line is no exception and boasts more than just a cute crayon-like resemblance to our childhood friend.  These lip lusters give an ultra high dose of color and shine with the ease of a twist-up stick. Just like the original and more matte tinted line of tints, they are full of moisturizing properties while natural peppermint adds a refreshing burst of flavor to delight your senses but without being so heavy that they deter kisses.  Fortified with jojoba, vitamin E and C, the gorgeous color brightens your smile and moistens your lips with the perfect combination of shimmer and spring hues.  Available in pouty (my choice of berry pink), frisky (bright pink), adored (light pink), glisten (peach), fever (red) and buff (nude) I defy you not to want to fill up a Crayola box of your own to show off each gorgeous color.  Color your world ladies…color it every day with Tarte’s LipSurgence natural lip luster.  Go forth and doodle with wild abandon…I dare you!  GLAM ON!

Have any of you tried tarte’s lipsurgence?

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