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tartefrictionThese days for a cosmetics-based business to have a successful “run” of ten years is really something especially when you have SO many beauty brands to chose from! Goddess Granny tries probably way too many products both seasoned and recently hatched! Of course, I have my favorite lines including the amazing “Tarte”: Who can forget when their iconic cheek-stain hit the shelves (SJP first wore in on “Sex In The City” lighting up the lines with women calling to find out WHAT she had on her cheeks!) resulting in women everywhere to “blush like they just got lucky?” Recently their “Lip Surgence” colors were the talk of every beauty-editors and maven, myself included! I could go on and on about just about everything Maureen Kelly the founder and CEO creates!

Tarte’s “earth-engineered beauty” philosophy and healthy formulas continue to be totally chic in THE most refined and purest manner possible and the company manages to use natural and good for us all ingredients in everything they make! I sometimes wonder how anyone comes up with products SO effective, beautiful and gorgeous in their presentations. They never sacrifice quality and style and Tarte always comes to the front of the list! I can’t live without their lip colors shades, eyeliners and cheek stains period.

How about a little brown sugar, vanilla, soothing aloe and some sweet sensual oils to start your day? The VERY unique “FRXTION” (yes, that is the correct spelling) treatment that is on everyone’s lips! It’s full of good for your skin stuff but also does a rather dicey job better than anything else I’ve ever tried! You need a smooth and primed “canvas” for any makeup product to glide on and provide lasting results-right? Well…a coat of greasy lip balm simply doesn’t cut it at least around my vanity and I’ve found that especially when darker shades of lippy are involved. DARKER LIPS? You absolutely MUST exfoliate those flakey-lips and then prime them prior to application and kissing the mirror!

Fabulous packaging as I expect from Tarte! There’s so much going on in this little gem: a super-cool case that opens to allow a tiny pop-up mirror do it’s thing! A well-planned bullet of product inside that has two beauty-enhancing products in one! Apply the yummy tasting brown sugar based exfoliant side first (it’s very addictive BTW!) After either a gentle wipe to remove OR a sweet little lip-licking treat-glide on the creamy yet not greasy primer and voila! You are good to go as is only MUCH improved! Ready to rock your favorite lip color without any fear of a less than perfect finish! Leaves a beautiful matte finish and somehow seems to “pouf” everything in a small way by removing the uglies.Kiss

It smoothes with aloe and luscious oils, hydrates with vitamins A and E and protects while tasting great: in a word,genius and everyone NEEDS this product in their makeup bag-trust me! It’s extremely reasonable and I can see how it might well be the “one size truly does fit all” gift that anyone who welcome and NOT re-gift! A well thought out and much-needed addition if you (and who among us doesn’t?) ever suffer from dry lips or just need to re-boot their silky smoothness!

Not exactly a “new” product but it’s sure new to me and I think it’s one of Tarte’s finest creations in the way it presents and works! Buy it here and I suggest by the handful because everyone will want to know “what you’ve done!”

OMG: I am bad…had to checkout the Holiday 2010 stuff while I was on the site and WANT the “Royal Collection!”

I LOVE a great multi-tasking product and LOVE what Tarte offers year after year! I know SO many who use the cheek stains: have you tried them and which shade is your favorite? I am “Tickled” many days…Kiss

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