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Tarte’s marketing whiz sent us their clever duo lipgloss in the complementing shades “Mimi & Roger”. They have all sorts of clever names for these duo’s, Bogey & Bacall, Adam & Eve, even Luke & Laura.

Love a duo! Duo’s are great! I always prefer “Islands in the Stream” at karaoke.

I just don’t get calling a beauty product “Mimi & Roger”. I assume Tarte means Mimi & Roger from RENT. Mimi was a heroin junkie, Roger was an HIV + recovering addict. I thought heroin chic went out in the early 90’s? Before I wear this gloss am I suppose to drop 20 pounds and smear black shadow under my eyes?

Hmmm, the color is a beautiful, a shimmery gold glitter and a soft golden beige glitter. The applicator is not shaped like a syringe but a fabulous brush.

I guess the reference is just over my head (wouldn’t be the first time, so no worries Tarte:)

Ladies please post if this gloss leaves you jonesing for more or if you look like you live on skidrow!

Buy it now!

Tarte Lipgloss Mimi & Roger

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