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Gigi here, with a Semi-Drugstore Disappointment, Not a Great Deal
Is it me, or is the line delineating drugstore and department store makeup blurring in terms of price?  I’m doing my best to discover great deal for the world’s finest women, but it’s becoming more difficult.  “Five and Dime” shops can now be dubbed “Forever in Debt.”  Sharond suggested that I try Target; Sonia Kashuk and other brands fit under my category.  I first scanned their items online and was pleased.  A visit to the closest Target was not as successful.
There were plenty of brands begging to be reviewed—but one lush, inviting midnight shadow by JK Jemma Kid retailed for $18.00.  Pixi has a fascinating neutralizing cover-up kit fit for professionals with eight hues to hide anything.  What Pixi should hide is the price tag–$28.00!
Target carries Soap and Glory, a creative, retro-looking line of body products with delectable smells and clever titles and packaging.  Their body cleansers and butters have received rave reviews.  Unfortunately, the reasonably priced sizes of all products were sold out.  Left behind were gigantic and costly tubs, already opened (I will let Target know that testers should be made available).
Their “Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Colors” caught my attention and I did the math as Sweetassgal does—I took the total cost and divided it by the number of items included.  For three good-sized tubes of color, $24.00 is fair, and that was my choice for a critique.  Don’t fear the colors; they work for all.  The set includes a rose, a crimson, and slightly gilted coral, all beautiful.  None are too light or dark but leave just a hint of stain on your lips.  The scent?  Irresistible—chocolate!

I read the packaging in detail.  According to Soap and Glory, it is described as a new “extreme-formula lip plumping gloss with scientifically proven powerfill® microspheres that explode in volume up to 10X when they come in contact with water.”   Whoa!  Was I going to outdo Angelina?  Would I be recognizable to those who know me?  Would my preserved head be placed in Ripley’s “Believe It or Not?” after my death?  This seemed to be powerful stuff!
As a fan of Bare Escentuals’ Buxom Plumper, allow me to explain the “science” behind plumpers.  Some use ingredients like cinnamon and ginger to simply irritate the sensitive skin of lips, such as DuWop’s Venom.  They cause blood to rush to the surface—thus, there is a tingling sensation, posh appearance, and immediate increase in color. The effects are short-lived; you need to reapply oft en or you will deflate in balloon-like fashion.
Others, like Bare Escentuals’ version, employs collagen-boosting ingredients, emollients to repair dry lips, and Vitamins A and E.  When lines from chapped lips are “filled in,” there is an instantaneous benefit, as it makes them look younger as well.
I enjoyed the minty sensation from Soap and Glory’s trio.  The formula was just slightly tacky, not enough to stop me from purchasing it again, but comforting, luxurious, and extremely long-lasting.  Did it make my lips ten times more voluptuous?  No.  Two times?  No.  I would recommend this as a great gloss and color, but it failed as a plumper for me.  As they say, “One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor.”  This may be the perfect plumper for someone else.
I will now retreat to the corner.  I thought I was an educated woman.  When there was no noticeable change in the size of my lips, I drank water because the box said that it would enhance the “magic” microspheres.  Now, where did I put my dunce cap and stool?

Am I the only one or have you noticed drugstore brands getting pretty pricey? An other Soap and Glory Fans?

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