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Gather around all you Wednesday Jeanasina Body Beautiful reading girlfriends and let’s talk about my new tube of SKINN Wet Lips Super Shine Gloss! The very FIRST thing I’m going to mention about this product is that it actually makes my lips look fuller! Fuller as in when I look into the mirror after applying it I can almost see actual voluptuous lips in my reflection instead of the usual paper thin slits in the place where my mouth used to be. Sigh. As you age, I am finding my lips get thinner and thinner and are surrounded by multitudes of the dreaded smoker’s lines (and I have never smoked)! As my boyfriend constantly says about things that are just wrong…”This is bullshit!” That’s how I feel about my stick of gum thin lips! So…when I got this new gloss in the mail from Meg, I immediately tried it with every shade of lipstick I own and EACH time…a minor miracle occurred where my lips looked fuller and were actually bordering on compelling!

It comes in a tube form that you can squeeze and then either a great deal of it comes out or with a tender gentler touch of encouragement a little comes out and glides across your anticipating lips! The first time I gave it the old `let’s work this stuff’ squeeze it not only covered my lips but threatened to move all the way up to under my nose and down my chin…a heavy hand is not needed here. But I practiced until as the fairytale goes, I got it “Just Right!” This is my favorite gloss now..yes you heard me people, in the constant race INSIDE the cosmetic bag within my purse, the SKINN Wet Lips Super Shine Gloss has taken the lead! It’s always on top, first one to leap into my hand and it knows it’s the reigning champion of lips glosses in my world for the 3rd week running! I am embarrassed to say I have no idea what color I got, I have looked at the website and can’t determine the color name and I can’t find it listed on the actual tube…(I had others with great eyesight scan the tube for me) – but no color name is imprinted upon the plastic…I’m guessing this giant goofball on a stick must have thrown away the box it must have come in which probably had the color listed on it! Sigh. My apologies on the lack of color in this article! I CAN tell you that I was stunned to see one of the ingredients is Squalane – my skin’s favorite friend!!!! It was the first ingredient listed! I am really impressed with this particular brand gloss, it’s a great product, looks good over your favorite colors and all by itself! I found out that they sell this gloss on the Shopping Chanel and it says on their website that “Even mature lips will enjoy the benefits of this stylish multi-tonal gloss you can wear alone or over your favourite lipstick.” That’s me baby – I got me some major MATURE LIPS! These lips have been around the block and back about a billion, trillion, zillion times in this lifetime! If it makes MY non- existent lips look spectacular think what will happen if you have young, succulent, tender, juicy, opulent, abundant, plentiful, sumptuous, luxurious lips to begin with! The men will definitely all pause! There used to be a saying “Smoke em’ if ya got em.” I think we women could say…“Gloss em’ if ya got em” meaning if you got lips of any kind USE SKINN WET LIPS SUPER SHINE GLOSS on them! You won’t be disappointed! There is no actual taste to this gloss which is good – I have tried some that taste like metal and if you have a metal taste in your mouth you make a horrible grimacing face all day and completely defeat the purpose of having lovely glossed lips don’t you think?

Who else loved SKINN wet lips gloss? Please let me know what color you got! What other glosses have you found that make the cut into space in the cosmetic bag!


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