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The delicious and decadent Laura Lee from Scott Barnes sent Megs Makeup out some of their Lip Slick’s to review. Scott Barnes tends to get high marks on Megs. First he blew us away with his hydrating masks then followed it up with the sexy and amazing Body Bling. Can he keep it up? Are we looking at 3 for 3 ? Pressures on! I had a lot of fun finding out what makes him tick a while back Scott Barnes interview and finding out his motivation behind his products. He must have grown up with a lot of sisters or something because he seems to have the whole “what women want” factor down pat. He hangs with JLO. I’m sure you have to be a good listener if that’s your crowd.

Lip Slick came in a little, squared compact with a mirror inside the lid (FYI-All Make-Up Brands should be giving us a mirror incorporated into their products-thank-you Mr. Barnes for getting this concept). Anyhow, the day after we were sent this I was at Kate Casey’s house. She quickly pulled out a magazine where there was an article on Kelly Ripa’s favorite products. Low and behold “Lip Slick”!

O.K. so he seems to have all the celebs in his back pocket. Here’s what Scott say’s about his Lip Slick “The nude lip is a signature Scott Barnes look! Here it is in a poured liquid lipstick in a micro-mini compact with mirror. Carry with you anywhere. The luxury formula has versatile application from sheer color tint to full patent leather-like coverage. The colors range is pinks, beiges and browns. Wear all six! Lip Slick is unflavored and unscented.”

Ladies please post if Scott not only has the A-List as fans but if he’s won over the real critics!

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