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If you’re a beauty addict – which, odds are, you are if you are reading this post, you’re probably as fickle with your lipcolor as the companies who make it. So just to keep you up-to-the-second, this week is the latest in lip gloss!

Smashbox O-Gloss: I’m sure most of us have tried the groundbreaking O-glow blush that came out last year. For most of us it was love it or leave it. (I left it). But I think Smashbox really hit a home-run on this one. What I didn’t like about the O-glow was that the color was NOT natural looking on me. But now, the O-gloss makes a pretty, pouty pink on the lips. A client I was helping at Sephora recently was telling me she had been using it regularly and it had a staining-effect that kept color on her lips all of the time, which, in my opinion, is a fabulous trait! This is what Smashbox says about the O-Gloss: “A naturally pink-hued lip gloss. Get a shiny pink pout all your own! This intuitive silky gloss reacts with your personal skin chemistry to transform from clear into your own custom shade of pink. The innovative formula is packed with an exclusive Goji Berry-C Complex™, ginkgo biloba, and pomegranate seed antioxidants along with revitalizing marine botanicals and moisturizing avocado oil for lustrous shine. ”

I have a feeling that next time Desertdollmakes her drunken Vegas pilgrimage to the Venetian one or more of the Vincent Longo Lip Vinyls will end up in her basket! Ultra-shiny “plastic-style lip gloss that stays like a lipstick but has the shine of a gloss. I wore them around the store a bunch and got several compliments on the shade. And it lasted several hours with out absorbing in or sliding off! “Vincent Longo Lip Vinyl uses a new lip technology that delivers an extremely shiny, ultra wet, smooth, lacquer-like finish. With a gel-like texture that wears for hours, it leaves the lips coated in high-definition color and smooth, three-dimensional shine. Extremely comfortable to wear, Lip Vinyl is high shine without stickiness or the need to reapply frequently. A click pen packaging makes it easy to apply.”

We’ve all heard the Urban Myth about how we ingest 8 pounds of lip products a year. So most companies have got the part about it not being toxic or tasting bad down. But leave it to the geniuses at TooFaced to come up with a way to keep the Calories down! The TooFaced FUZE glosses “Quench your thirst for a beauty buzz with FUZE Slenderize Guilt Free Gloss. Infused with the healthy, delicious fruit flavors and appetite curbing energy boasting ingredients found in FUZE Slenderize beverages. One Delicious dab on the lips will give you a taste of what all the Hollywood starlets are losing it over! Always on the lips, never on the hips!”

Already ladies, who’s tried what? And do lip glosses really go on your butt?

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