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rimmelkatemossGoddess Granny is out the door en route to cool temps and warm hearts but I snagged a little something last week I simply cannot leave without sharing with y’all because they’re amazing!  If you don’t know who Kate Moss is, I seriously would be surprised as she’s been one of THE most influential style and beauty icons of the past decade and beyond because of her quirky glamour and indisputable sensuality. The girl can make anything she wears or sells look HOT and that has been a seriously bankable asset to her! She is a bit of a bad girl in a good way and I’m a huge fan so when I heard that yet another mass-market brand of distinction, the UK based line “Rimmel” teamed up with their “face.” Joined together to create some of THE most gorgeous and in my opinion BEST lipstick shades currently on the shelves, I of course, scrambled down to see what all the fuss was about…

These are NOT the typical greasy, smells like butter out at the picnic, non-performing lipsticks that line many shelves at the drugstore and supermarket: these are so close to the “couture” brands in both presentation and formula that I was shocked! A beautifully designed and hefty matte and shiny black tube embellished with Kate’s own signature in red houses the five GORGEOUS shades worthy of her name designed by Miz Moss herself! The scent is divine and chic, not unlike “that” high-end designer lipstick brand that hovers at the $30.00 price point and the shades are fabulous! I was able to snatch the last #1 and #12 from the display, and the #1 has been on the lips and blogs of MANY top makeup artists lately because it’s “that red…” you know,the one that EVERYONE looks perfect in???

The formula is designated as a “lasting finish” but these slip on with no dryness or pull and TONS of pigmented intensity! If I didn’t have the drugstore bag on my vanity I seriously would have not been able to tell these from MUCH higher priced lipsticks and the lasting creamy- color-payoff was simply perfection! I will go as far as to say that #12, a pinky-coral-red may just be THE most PERFECT shade of red ever on a redhead! You know the one that Christina Hendricks wears to gala events and they say it’s some name brand. When I go to find it, it looks nothing like the photo in the tube! It’s probably a hybrid created by a color genius with a brush and like 17 tubes of color swiped on her lips?

For me#12 is that good, I look like I mean biz and with a pair of my favorite “Tres Noir Bombshell” sunnies on? I might just be mistaken at the airport for a famous naughty girl myself!

I highly suggest you track down these lipsticks asap as the buzz is OUT: they are absolutely incredible and there is a shade you’re sure to love as I know some still aren’t sure about red but trust me,it’s sticking around for all of 2012! You can even try Kate’s lipstick shades ON virtually here at the ever so fun and very trendy Rimmel website!

These lipsticks can be found at Ulta, Walgreens, Walmart, and at many of the well-known mass market drug and grocery stores so check in your area asap and don’t miss out as I predict these will be gone in a flash! Lipstick screams of class and sophistication to me and Kate’s done herself proud with this collection for Rimmel! I double dog dare you to try the #1 shade in the photo above and not feel just a bit more like you could seduce anyone! I know we’ve chatted about the “red” before and some love, others not so much: what shade makes YOU feel like you are the queen of your world?

Thanks for making me feel like a super-mode at least for today Kate!


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