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Meg here! I have an item that you probably need. NEED. Scratch “probably”. If you’re like me, when you find something that works and performs beautifully, you’ll havd over your money. More than I would care to admit, I take a deep breathe and just hand it to the cashier and tell her to “just ring it fast please!” Before my inner Susie Ormand voice (luckily I silence it a lot) says “If you put the money that you just spent on that bag/shoes/jacket you would have a healthy IRA.” I just want my darn purchase in the bag, that way I can reply “next time! Too late here!” Yes, I’m the picture of financial responsibility.

Knowing this fact about me is going to hopefully, get your butt in gear and get you to your local drugstore where you can often find Revlon on sale! The great news, you can get it even cheaper than that! Just leave in the comments below why you need a Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain and Revlon will mail you one! The first 10 commenters win!

If you find yourself to be comment 11, don’t fret. These amazingly affordable, Kissable bam stains are so reasonably priced, you can buy three for the price of a similar product!

You’re going to want at least three.

I have always had a love affair with lipstains, I adore the staying power! What I don’t adore? The “lip drying” factor. SUre, the color will stay for hours. It’s like the color has deeply permeated into my flesh and not in a moisturizing way. I’ve actually used some that felt like a Sharpie. In the name of beauty and time, I’ve just dealt with it. Someday, they will “build a better man trap!” Or “mousetrap,” whatever works.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain is a huge winner! A chunky, crayola inspired crayon that’s comes in an array of flattering shades. The staying power is fantastic, it lasts a long time-hours! The best part, it goes on creamy and moisturizing. There’s zero “tightness”. I’m glad Revlon elected to add “BALM” in the title because that’s exactly what it feels like. My lips are being nourished all the while touting a fabulous colored sheen.

My go-to has been a berry colored shade called “Adore”. We’re talking some serious summer loving, it has made its way into the coveted purse cosmetic bag. Here is something that I do. I know it is shallow and stupid and ridiculous, but hey, I never claimed to be anyone’s hero. I like to put my pricier items in my purse. I like to grab a $25 lipstick out of it and put the fabulously expensive package on display. I am superficial and a poser like that. This item is under $8. I proudly pull it out with enthusiam and glee like it’s $80. I know, I need my head examined.

I know I also need every color, totally grabbing “Precious” today when I head to Rite Aid. It says something when I, someone that has more lip colors than Gaga is going to actually purchase another beauty product. 

Another plus? This isn’t life changing but it’s the little things people, no sharpener needed. I can’t be the only one that has 5 floating in rotation. It seems the round hole needed never fits into the round hole of the sharpener I manage to find. The easy twist action never leaves me muttering “where’d I put that.” I appreciate having an extra five minutes to look for something else I’ve misplaced.

My lips look healthy, the color can be layered so you can go from light sheen to full on pow! The staying power is as impressive as a stain without the dryness, I’m obsessed with these. Win one in the comment section below. That is, if you’re still reading this? Why are you still reading this? I figured I would be able to hear the squeal of your tires driving to your local drugstore right now. I mean, seriously people. Deal of the year for an item you’ll be more than overjoyed with!

Has anyone else tried these fantastic Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains? They’re really that good!



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