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Gigi here, seeing red at the drugstore . . .

Unless you’re a cloistered nun, you’re aware that red lipstick has made a huge resurgence. It’s festive, sexy, sophisticated, and a quintessential classic–like Chanel No. 5, a perfect little black dress, a string of pearls. Kate wrote that OPI nail colors help her from feeling blue in this economy; research has shown that sales of makeup–lipstick in particular–rise during recessions and lean times! It’s one inexpensive way to lift your spirits and look. I should know, as I am given to spending at all times . . .

I chose several full-bodied lipsticks from Revlon, the grande dame of color and beauty on a budget. The Moon DropsĀ® and Super LustrousĀ® collections returned me to when I first played with cosmetics (oh, that would be in my cradle). These moisturize, contain vitamins to repair and protect, and glide on like satin, leaving a hint of shimmer behind. They’re available in a slew of “kiss-me-under-the-mistletoe” shades. My light complexion requires lipstick infused with pink or coral tones to subdue the hue, and “Chinaglaze” and “Sugar Poppy” complement me perfectly. Medium complexions work well with crimson-blended colors including brown and berry; I tried “Wine with Everything” (make mine a fine merlot, please), along with “Cherries in the Snow,” a true ruby which doesn’t overpower. This item has a cult following and flies from shelves. Dark-skinned women can handle the most opulent, intense tones. Scarlet offers another benefit–it brightens teeth, so smile!

Red can be overwhelming, so take the time to make it work for you: First, exfoliate to rid yourself of flaking, dry skin to prep your pout like a canvas. Use a baby-soft toothbrush and sweep gently with brown sugar over lips for a delicious treatment. Next comes primer; I like Laura Geller’s “Lip Spackle.” Oops! The Drugstore Deals Reviewer violated her territory again. Powder can also be used as a base. Am I forgiven?

Deep lip liners can look unnatural and harsh with dramatic tones and your goal is sultry, not artificial. (Red can be unforgiving–a slip of the hand will cause you to have to wash color away and start again. Opt instead for Revlon’s miracle “Makeup Remover Pen.” I have no clue as to why it works and don’t care–it does!) Instead, use a color-free concealer pencil or outline with the lipstick itself using a lip brush. You do use a lip brush, don’t you? Forgive me–of course you do. You’re a beautiful, educated Meg’s reader.

To extend wear, I apply a tint like The Balm’s “Stainiac” over primer and under lipstick. Revlon’s formulas last a fairly long time; if they fade you, won’t until you have time for a touch-up to color and moisten. In strong or natural daylight, fill in lips–less is more. If you require additional coverage or “wow,” repeat the process until you’ve achieved your best look. Follow with clear gloss to heighten allure. I put of dab of gold or silver in the middle of my bottom lip to subtly draw attention and make it appear fuller (“Cosmoholics Liquid Lipstick” in gold is perfect here). Try this: Even if you’re wearing powder blush, blend just a tad of the same shade of lipstick on cheeks and make your face “pop!”

Most drugstores generally allow you to return products which don’t work for you with a receipt, so have fun experimenting. Wait–don’t leave without purchasing a baseball bat to beat away the men who will be falling at your feet . . .

What Reds make your blood rise? Please let us know your brand and shade?

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