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Sweetassgal here! I will never cease to be amazed by how our minds can reach way back to memories decades ago, bringing back familiar sights, scents, tastes and even emotions that once comforted us in moments that may have seemed insignificant at the time…but manage to bring a smile to our face at the mere flicker of their memory. Walking through my local health food store recently I was struck by just such a memory. Browsing through the health and beauty section my eye caught the sight of a little round pot of Lip Lovers lip balm by Rachel Perry.

I immediately picked it up and was transported back to one of my favorite places when I was a child. My mother had a friend named Chris who to me was a cross between Farah Fawcett and a circa 1976 Stevie Nicks. She had beautiful feathered blonde haired, dressed uber hippie chic and almost always carried something that was either hand tooled leather or beaded and crocheted. I used to love going to her house. She was always burning incense (not the stinky kind), had cool beaded curtains, “vintage” furniture before it was cool and most importantly of all…she had one of those old fashioned french lady advertisements displayed on a giant round tin plate hanging in her living room. It was all so lovely and the memory was staring right up at me when I looked at the top of the Rachel Perry balm. Pictured on top is a darling profile picture of a very vintage looking lady wearing a smart hat with brightly tied pin and scarf. It looked just like one of the ladies on Chris’ wall hanging. I was instantly transported and could all but smell the scent of musk oil in the air.

I decided to take my memory along with me and purchased a $3 pot of the Very Vanilla Lip Lover in SPF 15. Its a very soothing and sweet flavor perfect for sipping hot cocoa through on a cold winter evening. Who doesn’t like a lip balm that tastes great and protects your lips! Deep down…don’t we all remember our very first tube of Bonnie Bell lip smacker? I know I do and I rocked it like the glam goddess in training I knew I was! I tend to like a little tingle in my lip balm so I’ll probably pick up the mint too but since my hubby always complains when I kiss him with electric charged lips I think I’ll reserve the Vanilla for our smooch fests. Rachel Perry lip balms and many other products can be found in Health Food stores and in abundance online. If Vanilla and Mint aren’t your go to flavors they also have Raspberry, Cantaloupe, and Chocolate…YUM! Dab a bit on, grab your best vintage fringed handbag, spritz your feathered hair with a little Aqua Net and try not to break your ankle in your wooden platform wedges. Now THAT’S 70’s baby…far out and GLAM ON!!!!

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