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Hey ladies! I’ve been having some internet issues!! Aargh! Here are Rachael Robbins greatest DD’s!

Some things that stick are good:

I always used to say to my husband “In my next life I want to come back as a singer”. To which he would respond “why not this life?”. To which I would respond, “Because I can’t sing a note, duh!”. But I always appreciated his vote of confidence in me. Then a few years back I was doing an off B’way show called “Pieces….(of ass)”. Pieces was a show where women performed monologues that were true stories about their lives. A famous soap opera star was one of my cast mates.. She spoke of her dream of singing on B’way, but never having sung a note in her life, she found a voice coach and started studying with him. A year later she was starring in Les Miserable on BROADWAY!! I listened to her monologue every night and it finally hit me! I NEED TO STUDY WITH HER VOICE COACH!! It was just a question of getting him to take me on as a student. But he did! My next mission was to make him my best friend because he was this wonderfully charming, southern, gentleman, who was wickedly talented! He was my real life Cole Porter (and his taste in dates was just like Cole’s, if you know what I mean)! And I now, two years later we are great friends! We have dates and go see cabaret shows, or go to the theater. And he’s doing all the arrangements as well as conducting my cabaret show: De-Licious! So not only did my friendship with my voice coach stick, but my singing lessons stuck too! Now I’m a singer!!

Some things that stick are bad:

Like those extra five pounds we put on at the holidays. Or nicknames like “Puddin”. Or tattoos depicting an ex fiancé’s name. Police records, stalkers, sex tapes, all bad.

Prestige Waterproof Lipliner sticks!! And that is a very good thing!! Can you believe they came out with a waterproof lipliner? BRILLIANT!! This stuff really stays on. At first I tried it on the back of my hand, and when I tried to rub it off, it just didn’t budge! Then I tried it on my lips and this stuff stayed on all day long!! The colors are really awesome. I bought natural and bamboo. The natural is very similar to my favorite liner from MAC, Whirl. I can’t wait to try the red one and see if it prevents feathering! The consistency is rich and creamy, not drying at all. It goes on without skipping or dragging. This stuff reeks of expensive but it’s only $4.99!!! You can’t go wrong! I suggest using it on your entire lip, under your lipstick. This way you’ll never be without lip color, even when your lipstick wears off!

Ladies: let me know some bad things or some good things that stuck in your life! And tell me if you have any great long wearing make-up suggestions!

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