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The always classy PR reps from Prescriptives sent us an assortment of their BRAND NEW COLORSCOPE LIP COLOR!

Can you imagine going to your mailbox and pulling out a huge package filled with an assortment of lipsticks? I know! A year ago I couldn’t imagine it either. I use to say that there was “no high like a bargain”! While that is still true there really is no high like a huge packet of cosmetics delivered to you for review. F.Y.I-If you want to experience the free cosmetic feeling make sure you sign up for the beauty box give-away.

With a far away gaze in my eyes I think of the future… Meg’s wine review,, meg’s spa opinions..

Sorry for the daydream. Back to Colorscope! Prescriptives has given us a choice with our finish, we can have cream,
sparkle or shimmer. Thus allowing us to decide how much ooomph we want to put out there. There’s also a feature on the site that allows you to find your recommended “colorprint”- once you figure that out then they have a handy guide to help find your perfect color. “Sounds good!” You’re thinking, “tell me more” (you may be thinking-cut to it you wordy moron, but I’m hoping it’s the fist thought). Prescriptives also claims colorscope is super moisturized-another benefit!

Ladies please post your thoughts on your colorscope lipstick and tell us what shade you received. I will be working on

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Prescriptives Colorscope Lipcolor

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