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Today is Green Chi Tuesdays without ChiChi you see,
ChiChi called me up in a panic that after she had written her post she read that the company actually doesn’t make the Green Chi cut!

We had however, been sent out a couple of Plant Love lipsticks by Cargo. Our good friend Fiche (Welcome her ladies) offered to save the day in the nick of time (she’s swell like that) and bring you this weeks Green Chi. This is her first post, so ladies, without further ado, the natural beauty that is Fiche !

Cosmetic packaging really is silly sometimes. I’ve purchased moisturizers that come in boxes the size of a Yugo for a .5 oz jar of product. And to keep that little pot of cream from rattling around, a universe of plastic and paper is molded around it. I guess that is supposed to give the consumer a sense of “money’s worth”. Don’t get me wrong, I’d feel terrible if printing plants closed down and children went hungry because we, as conscious Americans, demanded less packaging in our landfills. But maybe we can find them jobs testing drugs for the government.

Ah, then Cargo brought out their Plant Love line. Sure, the lipstick is still in a box, which isn’t really necessary to the function of the product, BUT it is embedded with flower seeds. You can plant it (which I am about to do. Stay tuned for the horticultural update) or if you toss it, at least it will bring some cheer to the landfill. Oh and that’s not a plastic tube, Flowerchild. It’s a corn-based bio-plastic (And that means we need more corn. See? more jobs for the displaced package makers!).

But what’s the point of saving the planet if you don’t look good? Good thing this lipstick is worth its carbon footprint (or lack thereof). It goes on soft, but not slick. It has average staying power, which is good if you are sick of the stained, long wear-worn off, look. I got the “Yellowstone” (colors are named for sites of natural wonder or ……celebs. I didn’t make that up), which is described as “rich rose plum shimmer”. I wouldn’t normally choose this shade but the intensity of the shade is easily controlled, and with a light touch, it gives a natural “just bitten” tint. If there is a shimmer, it the faintest. Not the pre-teen glitter type. Not drying like a matte, not slippery like a gloss, this is a great everyday tube to slip into your pocket before you head out to save the whales.

Here’s what Cargo says about their Plant Love Lipstick “Smooth and silky, the innovative botanical formula is infused with Orchid Complex™ and meadowfoam seed oil as well as jojoba and shea butter. Not only that, but it’s environmentally friendly, containing no mineral oils or petroleums.What else you need to know:
CARGO is donating two dollars from the sale of every shade to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The PlantLove™ seeds we sow today affect future generations so we are investing in the earth and our children for the future of the planet!”

Ladies please post if Cargo’s Plant Love left you running to your farmer’s market!

Cargo Plant Love Buy It Here!

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