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Well, we are lucky gals here at Meg’s Makeup. Philosophy sent us out a package that is perfect for Valentine’s Day. The luscious bubble baths and bath cremes, the sexy come hither glosses, and their very fitting “Falling In Love Discovery Kit”.

I love falling in love, there is nothing better then leaning in for a first kiss. There’s nothing more exciting then getting ready for the big date. I try to stretch the prep time out to at least 2 and 1/2 hours.

The first thing I do for a big date at 8pm is run myself a bubble bath at 6pm. Here I can relax, shave my legs and think about the night ahead. Once the water drains and I’m left with nothing but yummy bubbles I run a hot shower . At 6:30 pm I use my trusty loofah puff and scented bath gel, I wash myself head to toe in a beautiful scented bath gel. This is when I grab my face scrub, my Sweetspot wash, my pumice stone and really make an event of it.

At 6:45 I am out and toweled off. Now is the time I apply a sexy lotion and wait for it to dry. After my skin feels supple I sprinkle the same scented powder all over my body. I make sure I smell fantastic and gorgeous.

Now we’re at 7pm. The clock is ticking. I stick my hair in a turban and put on my bathrobe. It’s time for the make-up application. I grab my Ole Henriksen Sheer replenishing creme and stick it on my face as I spray Stephen Knoll Hydro Repair Mist all over my hair. While I dry my hair under my dryer I eye the clock, I’m at 7:30. My face creme has dried and I’m ready for make-up application, I put on a sexy face and then run to put on a sexy outfit. It’s 7:55 and I’m done.

I’m not done. I need the matching spritz of perfume to my bubble bath, shower gel and powder. With spritzes to my elbows, neck, cleavage, behing my knees and behind my ears. NOW I’m done.

8pm, my man is here. He looks happy. 1am, my man reaches for me, he deeply inhales my skin and says “Oh, God how do you smell soo good”?

I just lay back and say “it’s just natural, nothing special at all”.

Ladies please post if Philosophy lead you to your perfect valentine?

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Philosophy “Falling In Love”

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