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Champ3377 here We’re all familiar with the old adage that “It’s a man’s world,” but I beg to differ. Think about it: Men have it tough. When they prepare to go out, they shave, shower, and perhaps use shaving balm and/or cologne. I know very few men who actually adhere to a good skin care routine or spend much time with their hair. On goes the clothing, and they’re out the door. I would make a terrible man.

But we ladies get to play, no matter how old we are. I love color and paint pictures when I’m able. Preparation for an event is half of the fun, as I lay out cosmetics and then keep rearranging my choices (twisted, yes, and so why did I just admit that?). How much do I love color? I was one of the many Americans who watched Monica Lewinsky’s most candid, live interview with Barbara Walters in 1996. Most of what she said was ignored by me–her lipstick was a stunning, gentle rose and I sat with a lap full of tubes, trying to see if I had any to match hers. For shame!

I used to be addicted to all Dior and Chanel items, but I simply had to bid Christian and Coco adieu as I could no longer afford my habit (Chanel No. 5 stays, however). As any good Drugstore Deal reviewer would, I browsed the aisles looking for the cutting-edge products new to our city and ran across Pantina’s “Mineral Face Palette.” Interesting. There are three palettes–“Heavenly Bliss” (earth tones), “Center Stage” (lavenders) and “Earth Angel”–(pinks and greys). Each palette offers three complementary eyeshadows, a powder eyeliner, blush, and bronzer. My experience with inexpensive colors has very often been that the powders are coarse and resist application and blending. The hues were intriguing—everything from deep ivy and rich plum to a subtly shimmering gold and a sultry indigo, reminiscent of a shade Philosophy used to produce. The price? $10.00 for all. Well, losing $10.00 would not kill me, and so I bought . .


On the inside of the compact lid, Pantina offers suggestions for use and a diagram as well. I followed the instructions meticulously—and I was radiant. I only deviated by using a shadow base. I like L’Oreal’s “De-Crease” and Ultima II’s “Fade Not, Crease Not” (available online). These powders are surprisingly lush, silky, and ever-so-blendable. The colors merge beautifully. I wouldn’t toss the petite applicator which comes with each kit. It’s unique; half is a sponge and the other a fine hair tool useful in working with the “Crystal Black” eyeliner the palettes contain.

Their philosophy is simple: “Create luxury innovative cosmetics at an affordable price.” They’re doing it! This item is sheer joy, sheer beauty, and sheer genius!

(Oh, by the way, Monica Lewinsky’s makeup artist used a lip liner pencil from “Club Monaco” to both define and fill in her entire pout, followed by lipstick in “Bare.” I need a psychiatrist.)

Any other Pantina followers?

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