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Goddess Granny on the fly yet again has found a little something something to share that is REALLY a cool little product because If you make me wait too long in the checkout line and if there are are cute little bottles and items especially if they are unique in shape and color,I will pile them into my basket and you product-designers KNOW this! This was on a “shop and grab” run to Ulta and I found gold among the glitter! 


I adore red lipstick but hate to see it being worn on lips that need some solid moisture and maybe a bit of TLC before it’s applied because then it juts isn’t pretty: you need a bit of prep to insure that your lips are plum and pillowy and THEN your knock em’ dead red will get the looks of lust! Some lip balms are too waxy and others too sticky and it’s hard to create a “base” for glam lips that adds to the effect and doesn’t cause it to slide off or end up on your teeth! I hate that so when I picked up this sassy little I don’t really know what you’d call it shaped hybrid tube with a rollerball of MAGIC lip fixit,I was ridiculously pleased…


OWN is a unique little company with a very straightforward philosophy: natural, effective, efficient and affordable: what’s not to like about that? I love their packaging and intend to order up some of their products I haven’t seen in retail locations yet because their “Nighttime Lip Therapy” is absolutely AMAZING!!! I just love this funky little deep-blue tube/rollerball that allows the product to seep and ooze perfectly onto every little corner of your lips when you glide it on at night,it feels smooth with a bit of a sugary taste and scent that goes away quickly but what remains is the most incredible moisture-barrier and wake me up beautiful plump lips ever! 


It rejuvenates, it rehydrates, it feels sexy and luscious, and it WORKS: I wake up with a pouty-plump pair of lips ready to smooch or to paint to perfection! It’s a luxurious mix of oils and shea-butter that will have you using it a lot more often than at night,so feel free to indulge because it’s not pricey so you can apply with glee! I have paid a ton of money for products that insured lush lips but can honestly say that when you apply this as directed at night you get incomparable results with no fuss or muss! This is a truly fantastic little item and I suggest it to anyone,whether you love lipstick or not because you’ll be able to feel and see the difference the first morning after you try it! 


Read about OWN on their simple and classy little site and be sure to notice how perfectly edited and lovely their line is,you can also buy “Nighttime Lip Therapy” here or scoop it up at Ulta like I did!:


I want one of these sassy little tubes in every room! It’s just one of those “who knew?” products that really is something to be thrilled about! This is one for all of us to enjoy and don’t you love it when you hit on a real “find” that you didn’t expect to be quite so sensational? 

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